Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, 28 februari

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Things are now happening on our Earth. Various meetings follow each other for purposes of what will lead to mankind’s release from slavery. Prosperity for all is the going motto. Nobody should have to be hungry, but get what he/she needs in life. With this comes a law that will secure freedom and the public welfare for all. This law was once written by Saint Germain and has already been passed once. Since then it has been manipulated away, but it will now come forward again. The intention is that it will be a law for all nations and peoples to follow. It is universally written so that all can embrace it. It is written for the people. We are all one and we have the same need for freedom and prosperity. From there we can develop according to our best abilities.

People on Earth now need to help each other to ascend in the Light and change this planet to a loving planet, which it very much has deserved. She has fought for you, our dear Gaia. You who are her loving children and you are a part of her. She is the goddess of fertility and love and we greet her humbly back in the Light.

Gaia takes the breath out of us all with her love and her beauty. It is an honor to serve her. It is an honor for you the children of Earth to be allowed to come down and assist her during her last days as a planet in 3D. To be part of this large transformation is a great honor that you should bring deeply into your hearts. Gaia loves you so much and trusts in your judgment and your great courage.

You are now at the finish line and the start signal has gone. Soon you will be able to perceive and see changes, which already has started on your Earth. Many of you have also gone through personal changes of many kinds. It can be a matter of changing jobs, place to live or taken a step towards the goals of your dreams.

All small changes are welcome – it means something new is under way. A small change might have happened in your thoughts. You can see and understand in a completely different way now. It might feel as if you have grown a bit – stepped out of your child shoes to become a free and thinking individual with your own goals to attain. You are no longer distracted by all other’s opinions and omissions, but you listen to your own inner voice. You have then come far and are already in your own transformation. All transformations contribute to everybody’s transformation and not least of all that of Gaia’s.

We thank you and bow to you from up here for your grandiose work.

With so much Love,




Translation from Swedish to English: Per Staffan