Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, April 17th

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, April 17th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. It is my turn now to tell you about what is happening out in the world today.

The currency resets have started to spread to more countries. More and more have started to adjust to the new system. This will soon lead to the shifts in governance that we so long have talked about. The gold backed currency weighs more heavily and more countries realize that they must abandon the fiat based currency. This will lead to the governmental crisis and transformations that we have advocated. Some do not want to accept what is happening, while this is now becoming clear to all that are versed in the different money systems.

The people of the world are on their way to take back the power over their lives and their Earth. We can call this a paradigm shift never seen before. The dark is edged back more and more and the Light is entering with full force. There are now many who have woken up and understood how manipulated they have been. They gratefully receive the funds and the currency resets that are happening to improve life for themselves and Earth. More and more realize that it is as a collective that they can improve change things. Together we are strong and can make a difference in the world we live in. Some technologies have been developed in some places on Earth in order to speed up development there. A certain balance must be achieved between all countries before serious collaboration can get on the way between countries.

This is only the beginning, dear Earthlings, yet you can discern change here and there. Much disclosure has also come out in various media. This also influences the awakening of humanity. More are reading about and feel what will happen with our planet. Gaia is incredibly happy and euphoric over what is happening on her surface world today. You have taken a large step forward and one step leads to the next. It is an intensive period and we advocate that you rest as soon as you have the possibility to do so. Different afflictions come to the surface to be worked on and to disappear. Your body is on its way to become lighter and brighter. The heavy feeling of problems and negativity will more and more leave the body.

A new responsiveness for the Light and the higher dimension will enter instead. The world achieves a different tone and a whole different color of Light. This is where you are on your way to, dear Earthlings. It is these feelings and glimpses that come to you, in your most open existence in the Now. It is these conditions that you need to strive to be in as often as you can. You will then pull down the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. You will manifest down this reality into your reality.

Do you understand the importance of your work, dear Earthlings? You as a collective can start this new reality here and now. Call on your brothers and sisters to help you manifest this reality. Do this in your prayers and meditations. Everything can go forward thanks to the influence of the Light today. You have surely noticed how many more there are who have woken up today. There are more and more people who are wondering and ask what is really happening out in the world now. The web has been a great contributing factor to this, since it has not been as easy to control, yet some assiduous attempts have been made to do so. It become one of their downfalls and the money system is another one. A fiat based economy was doomed to failure since there was no value in it. The new gold backed system will help you along the way, till you no longer need it. The collective system is then so strong that nothing more is needed and everybody will experience themselves as One and think and act accordingly.

With these words I leave you now with Great Love,



Translator from Swedish: Per Staffan