Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, April 24th

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, April 24th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today is a day of sorrow for all who have lost a friend and a day of joy for all who have found a friend or have an addition in the family. We all have our ups and downs. It is life that practices its wisdom with us. Sometimes we have things to learn and sometimes it is things to understand. When we have learned we move on to the next stage of learning. This is the way it has been life after life. You are fully learned now, at least in this dimension, now new learning is awaiting you in another and lighter dimension. You have taken the first step in this dimension now. Maybe it does not seem that way for many yet, but with the Light as a measuring stick you are here now.

Many of you have probably noticed that time appears to go faster and that things manifest faster. Today it is Monday and now it is already Sunday. Do you recognize this? The sense of time is completely different today than 50 years ago. Now even the months seem to go fast. Was it not winter just recently? I cannot get that it is summer soon, I can hear many say and think. You are in a turbo wheel and the only way to slow down time is to slow down yourself. To calm down and meditate is especially important now in order to absorb the Light that is pouring in over the planet today. Preferably every day the body can get a chance to take in the Light and transform it in peace and quite. It can be tiresome for the body to do it when you constantly are running around doing all you think you must do. It is yourselves and your body that is most important. To change a carbon based body to a crystalline one is not done in a day. You have been working on it now for a while, but the work continues so to speak until it is done. You will get some help on the way, but the first part you must do yourselves. It means you need to raise your vibrations from the lowest on Earth, which includes much negativity such as judging, jealousy and more. It is not possible to complete your bodies with such latently in them. This is why we all the time talk about clearing out old debris. Throw it out, ask for help to throw it out, it does not benefit you now.

Now it is understanding, empathy and love that lead the way. This you can give to yourselves and others that you meet. Then I mean people that you “meet” and you are in touch with and share something with. To meet somebody is not only a person that you pass in the street, but to meet somebody is when you hear and see each other. I think you understand what I mean. That this is repeated time after time is because it is so important now, since the Light is manifesting so fast. Life is easier if you follow the light and can take it on-board as it increases in intensity. As you understand now this is the most important work on Earth today – this thing to work with yourselves so that the highest quantity of Light can be assimilated in your bodies. This is how you anchor the Light on Earth. The more that anchor it, the stronger it becomes and the faster the New Reality will manifest for you – the one that you so long have waited for and longed for.

It is here now… will you manage to take it on-board now? Can you see the beauty? Can you see the changes? Can you discern the new world? Can you feel its Light and joy? It is here now for you, feel its light and joy and let the body experience it. Fill the body with its joy and light and you will understand what I and many others are talking about, when we say the time is now. Just serve yourselves to it. Dare to let go and apply yourselves in the new time that is.

We are helping you now, we are at your side and give the help you need to release you from the last chains you have from your three dimensional reality. It might feel cumbersome for some now, but it will pass and the relief will be great when you feel the release and the joy to be One with everything. Know that you are loved and always have been. Know that you never are alone and that all and everything is with you on your way through life. This is the way it is and always will be. We do this together. We help each other. We give light and love to each other. I am you and you are me. We are One – as much loved and cared for both of us. So have trust, feel hope and belief deeply within you. We are on our way now, on our way towards the Light you and I, us and you, everybody is on the way towards the Light as you are all equally loved.

With much Love,




Translator from Swedish: Per Staffan