Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, April 2nd

Judas Iscariot

Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today there are many who shake loose much old clutter in order to start anew. Much of the old is surfacing that needs to be viewed and released. A few tears will not hurt. They can be good in order to release old sorrows. It only shows that you are a feeling person who dares to let go of the mask of indifference. The grey veils are lifting and you can begin to see the light out there. It is the Light than slowly penetrates into your world and shines on both old and new. The old should be aired, be discarded or renewed. You can begin to see things in another light now. The experience that was sad then has maybe gotten a silver lining now. The understanding of what you have gone through and how it has developed you has reached its full realization. You have moved up one stage. The more one looks into one’s nooks and cronies the more you can see that you have moved up on the ladder.

There are many experiences that you have in your baggage, my dear. All have been individually formed for you. It is your own journey’s goal that has been the starting point for them. Others might also have been involved in your experiences, but with their own goal in sight. Life is a dance my dear, but not only on roses – sometimes we get pricked by the thorns too. However, everything is planed with wisdom and light. You are right now in the higher purpose. The transformation on Earth and of yourselves is the goal and you are now rushing towards this finishing line.

Have trust, believe, have hope and you will find the love you seek. By releasing the old you let more light in and the path becomes easier and lighter to trod. You feel and see the goal that lies in front of you. You see and understand that you will soon be there. You have trust in each other and believe and understand that you all work towards the same goal. You understand that if you are many that pull in the same direction the road will be neither hard nor long. You shorten it together and everything also becomes so much easer to carry, when you carry it together. A true trust and belief in each other can shatter mountains.

Yes, nothing is impossible in this collective spirit of Light. It is here that the joy resides. It resides in everybody’s heart and is moved with great speed in the collective field. Many of you can feel this connection that exists around the world, involving all who try to uphold the Light. It is the collective field that I am speaking of. You can then feel that you are not alone, but that you are many who know and understand where you are going. It is also here that the joy can be felt. It is the joy from thousands of Lightworkers who know that the moment is soon here to build the New Earth in joy and while singing. It will be a world of Light where Love has taken hold and is a base for how this world will develop. So, feel the joy, how it seethes all around the world. It is getting stronger and stronger and it will burst out in a song of jubilation. It is then that it rattles far out in space as a promise to invite the whole universe in its song. That day we will be among you and share the joy and the song with you.


With so much Love,



Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan