Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, April 9th, 2017

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Horrible things happen when people with closed hearts allow themselves to do things they never would have done if they had had the opportunity to let their inner light grow. It is important that you allow people’s inner light to grow. It is important that we give everybody the love and guidance that all people need during their young years in order to grow up to strong, secure and loving people. It is thanks to these people that that the world is functioning today. Otherwise we would have had chaos everywhere. It is the considerate, those with open hearts and compassion that holds the world together and moves it forward. It is your great courage and strong compassion that brings the world forward to a better world to live in. It is you that lead the way and show the way for those that need to open their hearts a bit more. A great thank you to all of you who dare to remain in your love and compassion for all people on our Earth. You are the hope. You are the love that conquers all. You sow the seeds that grow roots a bit everywhere in the world today. It is through you that peace eventually will bloom and break out fully.

You are at the beginning of something large and our love for you have no limits. We feel great love and compassion for the whole of humanity that now lives on Earth and we embrace you with our love energies to help you dare open your hearts fully, so that you can become the fully open flowers that originally you were meant to be. The more fully open flowers the more beautiful Earth will become to walk. There are many open flowers on Earth today and they bend back and forth and impact the energy that is around them and beyond. You are so very beautiful to see and it warms our heart to see all the good that you spread around you.

The world is on its way towards a more beautiful and more loving place to live on. It is apparent to all that can see things positively and those who are on their way to open their eyes with difficulty cannot also discern this. You have done a gigantic job, dear children on Earth. The many seeds that you have sent out have now started to grow. Now when it finally has started to grow it will grow faster. Your world is in spite of a few dark happenings on its way into the light and it is starting to dominate more and more. When dark events inspire compassion instead of fear, then a turning point has been reached dear children on Earth. It is then that you can see the response to your efforts. We are now sending as much love as we can in order for you to have the courage to let all your flowers open up. Then you will have transformed the whole of this world from darkness to light. It is big and difficult job, but you have succeeded dear children on Earth. You have succeeded with turning this world from the dark to a brighter place to live. The world over, people have more and more made a choice to meet the hatred and fear with love and compassion. This is what is happening on our Earth today and it is this that change and transform the old to the new – The new that you from your heart want to have impact your Earth today. You are building the new matrices of compassion for all beings that reside on Earth. You give back to Earth its ability to supply all these creations with everything they need in order to be strong and healthy. This is what you collectively have decided and it is this that is happening all around you in the world today.

The door is open. You just have to enter my dear ones. You are loved and anticipated and all the love and joy is waiting for you there. This is what you have worked for during such a long time and now you are just awaiting the harvest of all your work. The start gun has been fired and everything is slowly being rolled out all over the world today. We can see all that has happened and we are incredibly proud of and happy for your progress. You have made great progress – do not believe otherwise. We can see all the work that has already started and for you that do not already know there are many projects that have started and many more are coming on line within a short period of time.

We stand behind you in all that you do for humanity’s and Earth’s best. All the love is around you now. Believe in yourselves and the good that you are doing. We believe in you and we send you all the love that we can so that you can continue to be the loving and compassionate people that we know you are deep inside.

With much love,







Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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