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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, August 9th

Judas Iscariot

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. I am here today to announce that the “New World” has started. Everything is now in place and the distribution has started from the many funds that we have talked about. Your world will soon not function automatically. Now it is required that one thinks in newer and lighter ways. All the abundance that is given to humanity will be given back to humanity and Gaia to the areas where it is best needed and benefits the whole of the planet. Everybody will be equally valued and Gaia, just as you, needs to get rid of poisons that have entered the body. The technology exists, it just needs to be brought forward and used. There are experts, they just need to come forward and be recognized for the experts they are. Researchers that have focused on the whole and have an understanding of how the matrix as a whole works should be allowed to step forward with their research results. They know and understand what is needed for a body to heal and function regardless of which body it is, large or small.

Let go of your fears and adopt the new with much trust. It is here in order to help you in a world that consists of much joy and love, where everything can live in harmony with each other. We have all something to contribute with to this world and when it is time for you to contribute with something you will do so. You will receive full insight regarding the nature of your gift and what you will contribute with in the new world that you are now building up. You are all doing something, even if it only is in your thoughts, as even thoughts will one day manifest. What is most important is that you openly accept all the new that is coming and understand that it is for your own best.

Envision the new world that you are entering into with much joy and love in your heart. Envision the best of all worlds and have hope and trust in it. It will not take long before you stand in the world that you yourself have dreamed of. Wonderful times are awaiting dear people on Earth and we are so proud and happy that you succeeded in the end. We do not see any more obstacles and the road looks light and beautiful. Your collective decision remains solid and has grown stronger. The larger part of the population wants to live in peace and freedom now. They long for joy and love and to be able to air their wings. It has been much too cramped for the soul, for it to be able to grow, but now it is looking forward to being able to fly again and express its creative potential. It will put color to your existence, dear friends. The grey will be replaced with all kinds of colors and the soul will feel right at home, as it needs to express itself in many different ways.

Yes, it is a wonderful time that is awaiting, dear people on Earth. It is a time of regeneration and upheaval, a time for gatherings and love, a time for union and understanding of the unit you are, the matrix that you belong to both at the macro and micro levels – From your own matrix in your heart (your higher soul matrix) to the twin matrix, family matrix, extended family matrix… and in the end your Earth matrix. This can continue, but we will not do this here. Just understand that everybody belong together in one unit and that you never are alone. Everything is with you and around you. Everything works from you and out in the universe and back. We are everything or nothing, it is you who decide where your limit is. Everything is there for you to take part in if you decide to do so.

With these words and say farewell. My heart beats for you and I send so much love as I am able to.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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