Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, December 10th


Judas Iscariot

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today as during other days much is happing around on our Earth. There is always some country that has done a new manifestation of the new reality. What happens in small countries is not seen or heard as much about in the media. Everything can more easily manifest there for this reason. It simply passes by the dark before they discover it and then it is already too late. This has happened within different areas as it concerns technology and banking. On the other hand not much has been written about it. Some alternative media has picked up on it and put it on the net. One can find quite a lot there if one knows where to look. Many people have taken it on as their task to post and help other people find alternative media, technologies and other information on the net.

This is part of Humanity waking up. We need to reach each other in different ways and through group constellations we can strengthen and help each other to move on now in to the time of light, which is now making its entrance on Earth. You are heading into wonderful times dear Earthlings, do not believe anything else, we can see how the light is spreading over Earth today. The dark evaporates, spits and swears for a little bit, but is then removed and leaves a light spot behind. More and more light spots form that eventually grow together and form a joint large spot. Many large joint spots then become whole countries, which form a chain of countries and so on.

What I want to say is that everything is growing with the Light and you too. Within your bodies it grows in the same manner until the whole body is integrated, then on to groups of individuals and so on, till the whole of humanity is unified to one whole unit of harmony and love. Where must one then start? Well, with yourself of course. Peace within gives peace in the outer. It spreads on and on. There is no longer any need for criticism and judgment, everything is just harmony and love. Your whole being is then just an essence of love. It cannot and does not want to do differently than sending out love. Each cell in your body can in the end only feel love and finds itself in the middle of the world and is one with everything.

Your bodies have already started the process of changing consciousness. Many are beginning to loose focus and wonder what they really are doing and who they really are. They start to seek within to find answers. That is good since it means they are on the right track. The answers are within, for each one who is looking for them. Different answers for different individuals depending on which journey you have undertaken. Nobody has taken the same journey. The journeys can sometimes be similar, but never completely the same, and thus there are only individual answers. You can never help each other with the answers. You can only help each other to find the road to them. Help to help oneself. The road goes via the heart and the courage to meet oneself and the light that burns in there. Light cleans all the nooks and crannies and finally shines clearly and intensively for all to see.

With these words I leave you with the surety that you will find your light.

With so much love,



Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan