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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, February 3d, 2018

Judas Iscariot

Monday, February 3d, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I have come today to tell you that the prosperity programs now can start. Some will start up right away, while others are phased in as it is deemed safe to do so. You might feel that is has been a long wait, but from our perspective it has been fast dear friends. It feels as if Earth has done a complete turn around during this last time period when the light has shone with extra power on Earth. But yes ok, you have been here one Earth in the valleys of forgetfulness during thousands of yours. So, from this perspective it has taken some time. Now it is time to rejoice in our successes and to welcome the new times with greater optimism and joy. Everything is going according to plans and one thing has taken over from the previous task so that the work has moved forward in the way we have wished. The darkness has had its iron grip on Earth, but now the light has poured in and the dark has been forced to yield. It is now time for the light to shine on Earth and we are all so happy and grateful for this.

Feel how it tingles in your body, how the energy literally seeks its way into all nooks and crannies. Yes, much comes to the surface, many tears are being shed, but a larger harmony takes over in your mind and your heart when you have cleaned up a bit. You have now found your way back to yourself and life appears brighter as the problems in your life are being resolved one by one. Your life changes at the same pace as you are ascending to a higher consciousness. Even the body becomes lighter and happier when it lets go of its tensions and fears. Is it not a wonderful time when we can start to rejoice in all the good that is beginning to be seen a little all over the Earth? People resume their own power, put down the foot and care about what is good form themselves and the Earth they live on. You surely cannot have missed seeing or reading about this. If you nevertheless have missed this you probably have gotten stuck in what is negative and can only see and hear what is negative. In such circumstances it can be good to raise your vibrations and do things that are fun for you. Find what is good and positive in your existence. Rejoice over what you have and do things that can make you laugh. Sometimes we have to break the everyday pattern in order to find a new step in our lives. There is always something that we can find joy in. Let those moments become more frequent and last longer. Well, that was a little bit about this.

The Earth now has a strong radiance around her and is protected from any further incursions. Gaia will ascend in peace together with you dear Earthlings. The surface you walk on is also in the process of being transformed to a lighter place. You will all shortly notice this. The first thing to be declared is Peace on Earth. After this events will follow in rapid succession. It is a very exciting time to be able to be on Earth today. There are many who would like to be in your clothes. You who have been on Earth for some decades now are surely quite tired, but you have been part of an historic event that you really did not want to miss. In spite of the heavy work you chose this with great enthusiasm. Dear friends, it is now that the harvest comes in. It is now that you should laugh and rejoice. You managed it and you are honored for your courage and your work. So, stand up straight and let the joy pour into your hearts. Let joy and harmony fill your body and see the transformation that has taken place on our Earth. Everything is perfect, wonderful and beautiful.

You are loved beyond your comprehension so enjoy your day and your time now.

Much love,





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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