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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, January 2nd, 2018

Judas Iscariot

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I wish you a good continuation of the New Year. I hope that you have spent a good time during your festivities and that you have gathered new strength ahead of what now is at the door. The bell has struck for the New Year and it has also struck for a new beginning on your Earth.

At the beginning of the New Year new things will happen – things that will change the world you live in. Will everybody be able to see and understand it, you surely wonder? The answer is that many will be able see and understand it. More than has previously been the case. There are many more than you think who are following the events on Earth. They are neither seen nor heard in the media, but they are there nevertheless. It is strong group of people that are prone to change that have grown up on Earth. They have sought and found their goal in life. Their quite but goal oriented work will yield the result that many of you yearn for. They do everything in order to avoid chaos, since chaos and fighting does not benefit the development that Earth now is in. I hope you understand what I mean – you who have found these texts in order to find some strength and inspiration. Use this strength and inspiration to go within yourselves every day to seek your own soul – The soul who is waiting to become a part of you. Yes, a part of you, preferably the primary part of your life.

Yes, the soul is now eager to take part of the change that now has come to Earth. You came down here to Earth for a reason even if it was only to find your heart and to become a light for Earth – A light that makes a difference. All who find their way to their hearts’ inner light make a great contribution to the change that our Earth now is undergoing. A large number of people choose to come down just to be this light. You anchor the light on Earth and change your life for yourselves and the Earth you live on. You transform a whole world with the light that resides in you. This light becomes a thousand fold stronger in your consciousness if you carry this light for Mother Earth today.

Light you light for the world dear children and the world will light its light for you. It is a great fete for Earth and it will last longer than one day, weekend, month or year. You can look forward to many and big fetes with warmth and light and love. I have seen many a light lit during the last months and each one is worth celebrating as a fete. A calm light and fine fete, as a rebirth for all those that just now have lit their light and let their inner fire flare up on Earth. It is rare, beautiful and loving. They have come home, home to their abode – the part that now is on Earth. Yes, there are many beautiful souls that walk the Earth today. They pull their straw to the stack and the stack has now become visible for other souls who in turn pull their straw to the stack. New stacks are formed here and there on Earth. All these stacks collaborate and a communication of light travels across Earth and anchors the spirit of the new era of peace and love. You are many now dear Earthlings that anchor your light and love in the time that is and it is growing by the day. Out of this a certainty and knowing is born that will be shared by many. You form a larger unit and the communication becomes lighter and stronger for each day that passes.

My heart beats for you dear Earthlings and I thank you humbly for your light and your love. Mother Earth dances and sings with you today and sends You much love.

Much love,




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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