Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, July 19

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Channel Ann Dahlberg



I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. The time for hope is here, dear children. A lot is happening at all levels of the globe now. Waves of change are here and they are getting bigger in the future. Even you who do not see what is happening will soon see. The time of joy is here and the joy is spreading from us to you and vice versa.

Be in hope, dear children, this is where you have to find yourself now. See that the world becomes the miracle that your heart dreamed of. This and much more will be done on your Earth now. Hold on to the light and expect miracles and you will soon see them. There are many enthusiastic people who experience the wonders up close. Other nourished by their dreams. It can be both true dreams and visions that are presented to you. Take all this to you and keep the faith and hope for the better world that already is at your feet.

Think about your health now, dear friends, and listen to what your body needs, both regarding to food and rest. It can be some nourishment as it lacks and yearns for. Please ask those who have knowledge of the nutrition your body needs and what lack it may have. It may be worth spending a little extra on your health right now. Inside and out, as we say, everything grows from the inside out. It grows from one place and then spreading outwards. This applies to both big and small. That is why everything that shall consist may take some time. There, again, the magic word “patience”. Have you ever heard of the saying: He who shall enter the kingdom of heaven must first get through the eye of the needle. Patience is one of the major virtues of the earth and there is very little of it today. Today it is going so fast and those who are a little leisurely will be pushed over. Yet it is they who make the biggest service on the earth today. They are showing what it is missing and what it is that needs to be, for everything to function a little better. You have to stop and find your way to your heart, for everything to function a little better.

There must be a balance between the heart and brain, in order to be able to understand what is the right or wrong way to go. Today there is so much to choose from so that most are confused and end up in decision anxiety, if they cannot find the answer within himself. Many people ask others but they have not the answer, it is within themselves. They can give advice, but do not give you the answer. The advice may feel good or not good, it is only you who can feel it. To follow someone else’s advice and then blame it on that one for given the wrong advice, does not work dear friends. You only have responsibility for yourself. Did you follow someone else’s advice, it was your choice. Everything you do or don´t do is your own choice. It’s always “you” that finally decides what to do. As long as you decide that this is the best choice for you and those who are around you, it is a good choice. Above all, it should feel good all over. Then you know it’s right.

There may be many who are facing new choices to come, so keep in mind that both the heart and brain shall be involved and you should feel good all over. Then you have reached the right choice. I congratulate you for all your future choices and remember that we give you all the help you need. So meditate and just ask for it. The answer will be there if you listen really carefully. It is important, at this time, that you choose the path that is best for you. The path that leads most quickly to the target.

We meet you at the finish line!

With so much love