Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, March 10th, 2019

Judas Iscariot

March 10th, 2019

Channeled via Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas and I want you all to understand that your path also is my path, as we all are God’s sons and daughters. Where you go wrong we also go wrong as we all are one and it is as one that we will return together. Do not see with vexation into your brother’s eye, as this vexation can also be seen in your eye. See with love onto your brother as deep inside you know that you belong to the same spirit. You share everything with your brother or sister regardless of if it is love or hate. This is something to think about, dear Earthlings. Do you choose to share love or hate. Only you have the decision in your hand. What you choose is spreading to many. We who were blessed being taught by Jesus were able to through his example gain an understanding of what it was we were going to spread. Jesus was love personified. Understanding must however be converted to practice in order to be effective and this can take longer time. The whole of you need to become one with the message of love.

How many of you can turn the other cheek if you are jumped by somebody? This does not mean that you should not defend yourself physically if it concerns your life, but how many can then forgive and see with love at you’re a bit lost brother? This is worth thinking about – maybe also meditate on a bit. It is easy to love the friendly and loving, but it is harder with those that have lost themselves. In spite of this it is them who need it the most in order for them to have the opportunity to find their way back to themselves.

Then what is your task? Yes, it is to find the love in yourself so that you stand on solid ground. Then share it forward so that as many brothers and sisters as possible can find their way back to the love in themselves. It is as a collective that we will ascend and we at the side of our Father God. This was one of prime reasons why you took on the cloak that you carry. It was to help ourselves up in the higher dimensions of ourselves. It was to find the way back to the light and the love and to leave the somewhat dark and meaningless era that you now live in. Most of us have tired of war, hate and fear and long for more sustainable light, love and compassion for everything and all who live on this Earth.

Yes, your world is somewhat reminiscent of a boiling pot that like a volcano has eruptions now and then. However, it will calm down. Your world will also get peace and time for recovery. It will turn from one day to another. With this I mean it can go relatively fast once it has started and we can see the beginning from our perspective. We can see that some of the work that you humans are doing for yourselves and others will yield the results that are needed in order to give your world the calm in needs in order to raise its energy. It is always the energy that needs to be raised and where do you have your energy? Yes, within you of course. It is your love energy that will be raised and spread over Earth. Our Lord and Master Jesus planted the first seed.

Now, let the love grow within you so that nothing more exists or can be felt.

I now leave you in love.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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