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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg with VIDEO, March 20th, 2018



Judas Iscariot

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I rejoice with the children of Earth today. The sun is high in the sky and shines with extra power on your planetary system today. It is a new beginning in a new year and the light rains down on you now dear children on Earth. It is the light from the highest source and this light transforms everything in its path. Take in this light…take in this light even if it starts up processes in your bodies. It is light of love that you take into your body – it transforms everything to light and develops your body and your soul so that you can take the step into the fifth dimension. It is the most important step in your life. It is the highest reward and the entrance to living in love, peace and abundance. The ticket home is to accept the light that is offered you. It is your free will, but the train is soon leaving and there are many who will need to wake up. It is time for all the people who are awake to wake up the other ones so that the train gets moving. Once Gaia has reached a certain tipping point the train will leave regardless – so, it is time to wake up and receive the light as the gift from God that it is. Our dear Father/Mother God has heeded your wish to come home and has now sent his/her light and helpers to Earth to help you with this wish of yours. I just want to point out now that also those that sleep the deepest have the opportunity to come home if it is their wish to do so. If they have chosen to again enter into the light they will be allowed to do so. They will receive the help they need to raise their vibrations. There is much help to be had from the Galactics who come from far and wide and who have much knowledge and many tools with them. The inner Earth has prepared much so that many will have an easier transition from the denser energy that you now are in to the lighter energies that you now are on your way to. You do not need to worry dear children on Earth. Everybody can receive the help they need if it is their wish.

Your most important task now is to embrace the light and let it transform your bodies to the crystalline bodies that you have had to start with. You will wake up the others just by your appearance. When they see how will you are doing it will start processes in their own bodies. They in turn will continue this process until the majority of mankind has woken up. It is then that you are transforming your Earth to the beautiful pristine planet that she originally was. Mother Earth is now shining very strongly and she embraces all of you with her light. It is in the light of Mother Earth that you will meet the light of the highest source, as it gives you the stability you need to move on in your development. You need to be anchored in Mother Earth in order to have balance in your life. The head has a tendency to fly off and forget that the feet are still planted on the ground. It can be a bit divisive, so to speak. You need to be integrated and have balance in your body and soul in order for it to yield the best results for yourself and what you do in life. The change within you goes fast now and it impacts your outer world, which is also changing with you. Feel and experience the light within you and you will soon find yourself in the world that you have envisioned. The largest part of the work is with yourself dear Earthlings and we give you credit for the large work that you have already done. This remaining work will open love in your hearts and change the world you live in.

It is a large, beautiful and light future that lies at your feet. You have an array of beings around you who now help you in all the ways they can. You are moving towards peace, love and light and we walk with you enlighten your paths so that you will not get lost.

With this message I now leave you with much love,




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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