Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, March 6th

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today is momentous day on Earth. Heaven has provided its blessings and Mother Earth can finally breathe more easily. We move towards changeable and wondrous times. That which will happen will happen now, my dear friends on Earth. Be open in trust and meet the new with joy in your eyes. It is for you, that which is happening, so that things will be better on Earth. Everybody will have it better, this is when life on Earth can become the planet you have dreamed about. Now nobody will have to fight for the last cake, everybody can meet in peace and love.

Trust is important, both in yourself and in that which is happening on Earth now. When large changes occur it is important to be connected with your heart. The heart can see the difference between truths and untruths, it is solidly grounded in the Earth and is connected with its Higher Self. Ground yourself a little every day now dear children on Earth, so that you can stand solidly in the truth that you feel inside. Many might try to confuse you, so it is important that you hold on to your own inner truth. When the new pours in it can frighten many who do not understand what this is all about and that it is for the best of mankind. Troubles can arise on some fronts, but overall everything will happen calmly. It is fear itself, which in the capacity of fear makes you the most afraid, dear Earthlings. When you control it everybody will be calm around you. Envision how you are surrounded by all your guardian angels and personal guides. Nothing bad can happen to you that you have not already accepted and probably already gone through by this time.

Now new positive times are afoot and it is time to grab the spade and start digging again. A new world will open by your feet and digging is anew required. The old digging is not good enough here. It is new thinking that is needed now. New fresh visions in the sign of Love will now manifest on Earth – Everything that is for the best of all and the Earth we walk on. Everything is already there, it is simply up to you, children of Earth, to use it correctly. You will get all the help you need now to transpose this to your own reality. Dig in now, dear children of Earth, and use what is available to you. Show those in power what you really want to have and the power balance will tip in your favor. The power will then lie where it is supposed to lie – with the people. It has to be the masses that decide how their reality is supposed to look. It cannot lie with a few, since it then can be abused by individuals that has not come as far in their own development and which easily can be directed and controlled by other individuals who have power and greed as their goals in life. This has now come to its end. The monies that are on their way out in the world will be distributed fairly so that nobody will achieve gains from another. Those that have much will receive less and those that have little will receive more. However, everybody will have a good life and receive what they need and wish. Life will progress in the Light, and joy is at the door, dear children.

Rejoice and sing with us up here. Now it is really time to celebrate. Dance to your hearts delight and joy shall stream out from people’s hearts.

My joy flows out to you.

I love you so much.




Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan