Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, May 16

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today I greet you all from all of us up here in the Galactic Federation spaceships. We have just had a meeting about the future of Earth and we are very happy that everything is working according to expectations. Everything is moving forward now at the pace that we all hoped for and all obstacles are being removed, one by one. Now you can soon see the effects of what is going on and understand that you have come a long way. We are extremely grateful and happy that you kept the light up during this long and difficult time.

The light now thrown back to you 10 – fold strong from the light you have shone. Multiply that by all of mankind, and you will understand how the light will shine. You would all be devout from seeing this. It is such a incredibly brilliant and beautiful sight. You have a lot to look forward to dear earthlings. You deserve all the radiance that you can see and experience. You are all honored up here and the joy is great over all the progress you are making on the earth right now.

It is not just on the exterior that progress can be seen but also in the interior. You have all worked hard with yourselves and this has yielded results. Everything goes up in a higher frequency and this helps other things to emerge. All of you are important and part of a giant jigsaw puzzle, where every little piece is important. Some would call it a matrix where each piece is an infallible part of another part. All parts are necessary, so understand that you are all extremely important and essential to each other. You belong together and it is together that you go forward towards the great birth – The birth of yet again becoming One with the light and all light beings, who are there. They are waiting for you and look forward to serving you on the last stretch to Light of clarity and the blessings.

This will be a journey, dear earthlings – An unforgettable journey for all of us who participated in it. It has been a long time in the darkness but the light will shine the stronger now. The gifts that this experience has provided, will be sought after and many will seek your help, to be free to move forward and overcome the darkness. You will have many tasks and some of them you have already selected and others you can choose to add.

Most of you will choose to spend time with your families and share experiences with them. How long that time will be each must decide. Others will continue upwards in the service of light in which other tasks await them. All, however, will be included in a welcome celebration of a kind you have not seen in your world. All this is already prepared and it is only your arrival that everyone is waiting for.

Understand that you have numerous others with you now dear children on earth. There are thousands and thousands of beings and family members who are following you now. This is much bigger than you can see down there on earth in your 3 – dimensional existence. Just know that you are making progress and that we are with you in every moment and helping you as best we can. It is only the light you need to keep up now both within and outside you.
All up here sends their love greetings and thank you for your courage.

With so much love