Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, May 24

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today I come to you to tell you that the money is being distributed to their predetermined locations around the world. This is very encouraging since much work led to this. Many barriers have been set up but now we can finally see an opening and it will not be long before you yourself notice it.

Winds of change are blowing and the wind blows faster now. Hold onto your hat, dear friends, it will blow fresh winds the next few months. Once the money starts to come out to the people, that’s when everything happens fast. The confusion among the people may initially be great, but it will soon settle down. They will get clear messages and they will soon begin to adapt to this new situation that they see is better for everyone. The majority understands that you have to support each other to get life to work on earth. This applies to the whole earth with all its different ecosystems, air as well as water. We must take care of everything and each other to get it to work. This we must understand and recognize to move on now. There are many who already work for this and most people understand that a lot has gone wrong in the world today. A completely different approach to a sustainable society is needed, as witnessed by, among other things, all these mountains of rubbish and the incredible food waste that could feed thousands and thousands of hungry people around the world today.

But dear friends, it is time to rejoice now. All this will now be corrected and this new era has already begun. We are in the beginning of beginnings where things are changing at an increasingly rapid pace. It is the light that sweeps across the earth now and it is the light that you will keep up. It is the beautiful thoughts on how the earth will look like and how we lovingly relate to each other that are most important now. See ahead of you how everything is changing for the best of worlds. How everything get cleaned up, cleaned and restored. That is the vision you should hold, for that is happening now. Thanks to all light workers around the globe for letting this happen now. Without you it would not have happened. Without a humanity that are willing to wake up, it would not happen. We are all part of this great miracle that happens now. The sky has praised us and given us their assistance thereto.

Hallelujah, Halleluiah!

We thank our Father for his great wisdom and support in this precarious time. With heaven’s help, we now move forward toward the goal by leaps and bounds. There is nothing stopping us now dear earthlings. The only obstacles there are, are the ones that you have within you. It’s your own obstacles, so to speak. This can easily be remedied by using a little guidance and your guides. Do not doubt yourselves. You are all divine and loved for who you are. You have all done a great job down here on earth even if you do not yourselves see it yet. Each one of you has done your part. Imagine nothing else, dear friends. When that time comes, you will understand and see the whole of your history. How much you actually accomplished through the ages. This is just a small part of your entire history and you will marvel when the truth at last comes out. It will be fun to see your facial expressions that day.

I look forward to a happy reunion.

With so much love