Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, May 8th

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, May 8th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. I am love, you are love, we are love and you all are love. Is it not an amazing world of love that we live in? The more one understand and see the message of love the more astonished one gets. Everything grows and thrives in beauty and synchronicity with each other. I love following the march of time with all its changes and shifts, everything in full harmony with each other. It is refreshment for the soul to see and understand how this whole fabric fits together and is formed from the Highest Source of Light that exists. We all have our origins from this Source, thus we are all created in light and love. Everything else is an illusion that we choose in order to understand the uttermost meaning of the light we are. Light is love and it is to love that we return.

Do not be afraid of love, dear Earthlings. It cannot do you any harm. It can only lighten your time forward. The love that lives in your heart rejoices over the time that is here now. It feels the vibrations of light and love, it rejoices and grows with you in your bodies. Have you felt how the body suddenly has filled with joy without a reason? It is the soul and the love that inhabits the soul that have felt the vibrations of love’s strong light that shines on Earth today. Remain in this feeling and experience how it permeates all that is around you. Keep it and then take it with you out and about and you can literally see how life changes all around you. Your feeling for the world is suddenly seen in another light. Your own transformation of yourself and the world has started.

Everything starts with letting out love from your heart. Courage can be needed to do this. Our fears often stand in our way. They stand as a protective barrier against the dark and the light. They do not understand that the light is our savior and helps us on the way forward. They enclose the light and in this way help the dark to remain. By letting the light out and thus letting our own light out we liberate ourselves from the dark. The dark gets weaker and will finally leave. The Light will show us our “true self”, we understand who we are and why we are here.

Our mission was to let in the light in this our world so that all could return to light of its heart and become One with our Father/Mother, the creator of all light that exist in the Universe. We live in her/him and inhabit her/him. Feel this deep in your heart and it is true. He/she is the light and love and it is only in love and light that you can return home. The energy is so strong that only a small part of it is enough to keep you alive here on Earth.

Gradually this energy is now increasing on Earth, so that you can incorporate it in your bodies. This has been going on for a while and your bodies have started to transform. This is why you can feel and see the new vibrations today. Everybody is not aware of it, but it is taking place in all bodies on Earth today. Those that are aware understand and can see what is taking place while the others might feel a bit strange. They do not quite understand why they feel the way they do. All of this will pass.

The light will open up all your hearts and the wind of love will fly all over Earth – love and gratefulness will be experienced on Earth again. Earth is a realm with many gifts and much beauty. It is an honor to be her steward and protect everything beautiful that exist here.

This is my message for today. With much love and light I leave You now.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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