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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, November 19th, 2017

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I have come today to tell you that the world is now entering a great change. This change is happening on different levels. It concerns both economy and politics. Some drastic changes have happened in places in the world. This has not come out in the media. Most of what is happening is still kept from the large masses of people. These changes will lead to different regime changes with a whole different agenda from the one you have had. Peacekeeping measures are put in place and money will be spent on needs rather than for power and greed. You have all wished for peace now. You are all tired of war and injustices. You are tired of suffering and a strong compassion has opened up for a different view of life. It is this shifting of consciousness that now slowly starts to begin to make itself known in the world. You demand peace and you demand justice for the people of Earth. You can see how all people are faring badly around the world and this is so not the least for the children. This change in your consciousness has led to the great changes that you are now entering. Undertakings are already feverishly pursued in many countries, and more and more are joining in. It is time to open up your eyes and see the reality for what it is. There is a transition going on dear Earthlings, there is a change going on and it is emerging right in front of your eyes. Can you see it? Or, are you still held back by your veils.

A new era has arrived, but some parts of humanity are still asleep. When will you wake up and understand that life has taken another turn? A new world has been born where compassion and humanism is what is given highest priority and where the old thinking to only look after one’s own house will yield to a larger experience of how we all belong together and need to help each other. We are progressing in our development and we need to help out so that everybody can feel good. Information needs to come through – true and honest information from believable sources so that the large masses can understand that a transition has taken place on Earth, which will change their lives forever. It is meant that life becomes easier and that everybody feels needed. It is so that everybody is needed and we need to support each other. We cannot only on our own contribute to the transition of the whole Earth’s consciousness. We need to be many in order to do this.

The consciousness is now being transformed dear children on Earth. You can feel it in your bodies and in your minds. What you were a year ago you are not today. You have changed views in regards to many different things. You have obtained a new consciousness of what is valuable in life. You do not any more just want to have things. Life has taken on a deeper meaning and there are other things that have become more valuable. Deepen this feeling and let it encompass a larger part of life around you. You will then understand what it is that you need to change and what your part of this large process of transformation can be. It is there right in front of you dear Earthlings, it is there, see and understand where it is that your path point to and follow your heart. Everything will be perfect in that moment in your large consciousness and presence. We are with you. We follow you and we whisper in your ears and hearts which path you should follow. When you follow that path your dreams will be realized and others’ as well. The large collective dream is here. Take part of it and become one with it. We help you and support you. Call on us and we will show you the way. We love you so much.

I conclude now with sending beams of light to your hearts so that you more easily will see and understand which path you should follow.

With much love,







Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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