Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, November 2, 2023

Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, November 2, 2023

I am Judas and today I want to talk a little about what is best for you to do on Earth today. These are somewhat troubled times and many worry about what will happen in our world and how it will affect humanity. Yes, dear ones, you are in a fractured existence and darkness and light converge and affect each other in different directions. It is a time of transformation in both your inner and outer worlds. Stand firm now, dear Earthlings, keep your feet deep in Mother Earth and be open to the light that is all around you. Send light and love to the world around you, both your loved ones and the environment around you. You who gather in groups and meditate, send as much light as you can to Mother Earth and the world you live in. Above all, dear Earthlings, do not be afraid but remain in the light of your heart and see that light shines brighter every day that goes More and more people are beginning to wake up and understand that it is love and not hate that saves your world from misery and war. No one has ever won a war but all are losers and need to rebuild all that was damaged both physically and psychologically within yourselves.

It has now opened up to a stronger light energy that brings up deep deep emotional wounds to the surface that need to be dissolved, for you to feel lighter and freer in your body and soul. You are regaining the power that you lost through the blockages that have arisen during various events in your life. It can be past memories from childhood, which often point to a pattern that you have brought with you from one time to another. These are the patterns that are now being broken up, so that you will be free to act in your “now” and become more present in your body and soul. It is in this way that you change your own world into something that is better and gives you more joy and harmony.

Yes, dear Earthlings, there is a lot going on around you and within you, and it can be difficult to keep up with the changes. It goes up and down a bit, but for many of you, love rises in your hearts and life feels easier to live without worry and anxiety about all that some of you may experience today. It is the thoughts that trigger your anxiety, because if you are in your present moment, the anxiety disappears and other solutions are revealed to you. It is always in the present moment that one acts in one way or another. It is when one is exposed to worrying thoughts or listens to information based on fear that a feeling of powerlessness and passivity can set in. The strength and power is within you and you can turn a negative situation into a better one if you just focus on it. It is in your here and now that it is easier to make new decisions and change both your life and that of others.

Yes, dear light warriors, you who fight for the light and love to flow through your life and the Earth’s, you have come a long way. The light and love are spreading their wings over the Earth today and the darkness in the heavy energy is fighting for its survival, but it is increasingly being replaced by a lighter and brighter energy. A new reconstruction on Earth has already started and it is happening both within yourselves and within Mother Earth. It also affects your external reality which also changes as the consciousness in the collective field becomes higher, brighter and more loving.

You are so loved, dear people on Earth, you are surrounded by all loving beings from above who are now assisting you in one way or another. Feel their presence and be open to their help and the signs that will help you reach your goal of living again in a brighter and more loving existence. You are the ones who start the construction and return the Earth to a more peaceful existence, where everyone can meet and share their experiences. Harmony and peace will once again rest on Earth and all people will lovingly help each other to a better existence. That is what you should keep your focus on now, because that is what is the goal and to which all the events that are now happening on Earth will lead in one way or another.

The light of love penetrates ever deeper into people’s hearts and opens up for more light and love on Earth.

Great love