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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, November 5th, 2017

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, November 5th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot. It is an honor to speak to you today. There is a great wave of energy that is now spreading around the Earth. You have made this possible dear children on Earth. You have opened up your hearts enough that this large energy can establish itself on Earth. This concerns your surface dear children. You are on your way to transform your surface to a higher dimension of existence and it is wonderful to see and experience. The bells are now sounding in the Universe. The time has come – the time has come for Earth to ascend into the light. It is a face of joy that Mother Earth now is showing and we laugh and rejoice with her. Be proud you children on Earth, as you have hard worked so that your humanity will ascend into the light. It is worth celebrating and rejoicing in. It is large, wonderful and fantastic. This is what we all have waited for and now we are here. We can look forward towards new times – times with love and harmony, where everything will be allowed to be in its own beauty.

It has started and it is flowing dear Earthlings. Look around you, lift up your eyes, feel and experience the transformation that exists all around you. See with your new dimensional eyes what really has happened on your Earth, just during the last decade and it is progressing ever faster. Do not get stuck in your worn out shoes, but put on new ones and experience what it is that is really happening. You will then see and understand where you truly are heading. It is not all about money. It is your inner work that gives results in the outer. It is happening with the speed that you choose it will happen. What you have built up inside and which does not have space enough there spreads outwards. You get the help you need to manifest what you are supposed to, when the time is right in your inner as well as outer planes. This, many of you have already experienced and many are already on the way with the work that they came down to do. You are led to your own task with the help of your own free will – your will to follow the path that is yours and that you yourselves have sought and found. This is true for all people. You all came down with a task to do. Have you found your task? What is it that is nudging and pulling you? Which direction am I going to go now? My heart says I should go in this direction. Can that be true? Do I dare? What will my friends say then? Yes, much can come up and it is always courageous to follow one’s heart. The heart is only following its own higher self and it does not belong to this world. It has a much broader view and a higher level of clarity and wisdom.

Dare to take the leap dear Earthlings. You will not regret it. It will lead you to the love and harmony you all seek. You will regain the power and energy that you need in order to complete your goals here on Earth. I write this now since there are many who are waking up now and they start to look around and wonder where they should be heading. It is here that you can set an example, you who already have found your task – you are the wayshowers so to speak. You have already gone through what many others go through now. You can with your own example show that it is possible to follow one’s heart. You can give advice if they ask about it and you can give a helping hand if you see it is needed. Follow the guidance in your heart and you will find the answers there – for yourselves and for others when you have gotten used to follow that voice. Your intuition is growing, it is growing with you and is getting stronger each time that you listen to and follow your heart.

It is a massive change that is underway in your world dear Earthlings. Be ready for the fact that your world will soon look very different indeed. The light has come to stay and it will soon light your whole world. It is a joy to see and experience all that is happening on Mother Earth now. Love for you and Mother Earth is flowing from us to you dear children on Earth. We rejoice in our reunion. It will be wonderful to get to see each other again in the era of Light.

I love you so much.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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