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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, November 9th, 2017

Judas Iscariot

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and there are many now who write about different things that are happening on our Earth today. I will now bring up a different subject and it is about you. During eons of time you have wandered the Universe and you have seen planets come and go. Only a few have disappeared – most have been transformed to something bigger and lighter. Eventually a planet can be transformed to a shining star, but then eons of time have passed. During this time that you have wandered in the Universe you have seen and learned much. Your soul has advanced and become stronger. You have experienced some challenges and you have had your galactic family to lean on. You have been educated and have received a greater and greater understanding of how the Universe operates. It was when you felt satiated with all that you had learned from living in the light that you choose to test your strength in a lower dimension. You were explained to how difficult it was going to be, as you would be separated from source. You felt strong and you wanted to test your wings. You chose to go down to Earth. It was a tough school, tougher than you ever suspected. You made this experiment together with Earth. It became tough also for Earth as the dark took over more than she had imagined. It became hard for all her inhabitants to see beyond the veil and she finally felt that she needed help from the light to lift the veil. Her inside screamed for light for the whole planet and for all her beloved friends on the surface. The light heard her plea and many came to assist her. The light started to beam down on Earth and some portals opened up here and there. Around the portals it started to grow. Everything turned green and the animals returned. Some people started to see beyond the veil and started to work in the best interest of Earth and their own wellbeing. This spread slowly and portal after portal opened up.

Our dear Mother/Father God in heaven then determined that more light should be given to Earth in order to speed up its development so that Mother Earth could ascend into the light. Light was sent to Earth and a protective grid was set up around Earth so that nobody from outside could disturb our dear Mother Earth’s ascension. Here we are now dear children on Earth. Yet more light has now been sent to Earth and Mother Earth has started her transformation. She is ascending protected by all her galactic friends and her family. This is also so for you dear children on Earth. You are ascending under the protection of all your galactic friends and your dear family. The light has reached you and your bodies are also in the process of transforming. This is irreversible. Of course you have your free will, but there are not many of you who have chosen darkness or continued education in the lower dimensions. Most of you are old souls that have chosen to ascend. In this important time of transformation most old souls have chosen to return to be of assistance in Mother Earth’s transformation. Many have previously been on Earth and love Earth because of all they have learned and experienced there. So, you understand dear friends you have all you need to progress further up into the light. Everybody is waiting for you there. It is a day of triumph for the Universe and everybody is dancing and glad to receive back home their near and dear ones again – Home to the light where you came from, the only thing that really exists.

You are light. You have always been light. You will always be light.

With this said we send our light to your light.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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