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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, October 12th, 2018

Judas Iscariot

Friday, October 12th, 2018

Channeled via Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I have come to try to make have you understand whom you really are inside. Can you understand that God works through you, that the most holy essence inside you is God. Can you feel the presence of God in your quietness and meditation? Can you then feel that there is a holy place in your body? Can you feel that what is outside of you is also holy? The air itself around you is holy. Do you then understand that life is holy? Life is holy and a gift from God. Can you live under God’s protection and that all is well? Do you understand now that everything around you is holy – that all humans are holy even if they can have different expressions in their ways and appearances? When you see and understand this you are well on your way in your own transformation. You rest in the embrace of God and let him carry you step-by-step forward on the road. You have given yourself over to God and let him guide you home. You understand that everything is holy and that each step you take is a step on holy grounds. Your world opens up and you understand the meaning of living in unity with all. From this day on you see everything with renewed eyes. Nothing can any longer remain in the old – new patterns of a holy vibration appears and replaces the old patterns. New steps are taken with the help of God’s guidance, which is the wisdom in your heart. You follow without hesitation and feel that you are surrounded by love and light. Your life can continue where it was at a deeper level and with a clear spiritual direction. It can also take a whole new direction where you change job and residence. God gives guidance and you follow and within you feel that everything is well and you are on the right path. You follow the purpose of your heart and know that everything you touch is holy. Everything comes from a holy Source and you feel humble vis-à-vis life. Your life as well as that of others should be respected and honored for what it is – a part of All from one and the same Source. You now have a foot in paradise and your own life’s perfection is a life in eternity. It is gold copy of all your experiences that you have experienced during this period of your eternal life.

This period of time is just a part of your eternal life. The fact that it feels so large is because this time you have been deeply asleep and lost the connection with your divine self. Others who have not been equally asleep have misused this, but now the time of awakening has entered Earth again. A Heavenly decree has been issued that it is time for the awakening of Earth and that all who want to volunteer are welcome. There were many, dear Earthlings. There was a rush from everywhere to be selected to help in this divine work. We had to form a council as to how we would divide up the tasks. Those who could not actively participate got to form a wall around this solar system, so that the work could be carried out undisturbed. A protective wall has also been erected around Earth in order for Earth to wake up and clean out its old patterns in peace and quiet. Much has happened, dear Earthlings, much more that you can see and understand living down on Earth. Old patterns have been released and replaced with new ones, who in turn have been replaced with new ones… A change has happened gradually, but now dear friends you are on the downward path as the holy Matrix will complete the ascension on Earth. Frantic work is now being carried out in your bodies and hearts. The new will replace the old at all levels on your Earth today. Some walk in front, others come after, but nobody can remain unaffected in the energies that stream down to Earth today. Everything is affected and these are tumultuous times inside you as well as outside of you. Your inner affects the outer, but it will calm down and the light will shine from many more hearts. All of these hearts understand that they walk on holy ground and that they themselves are divine and worth all respect and love. It is on this foundation that the matrix of New Earth rests.

God bless you, we love you so much.

Much love,





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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