Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, October 16


Judas Iscariot

Friday, October 16, 2015

Channel Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today is your day on Earth – A day full of blessings, blessings for all humanity and all the inhabitants of planet Earth. Clean technology is on the way out into the world, which is of benefit to all. Everyone can take part in this technology, and it will ease the lives of many. Gaia greets this technology with great enthusiasm, as she now gets a chance to heal her surface.

This is a great victory for you, dear Earthlings. We thank these brave people who have made it possible. Their ingenuity and persistence has now paid off. We also thank all of you who have joined the light and assiduously kept it alive and thus allowed it to grow. You can all participate in the joy for it is now happening. The major changes on the Earth are now underway.

Hold your breath and feel the atmosphere around you. Breathe in and feel it vibrate inside your body. The energy is strong now and you may all feel it in one way or another. Some feel happier, more energetic and stronger, others become tired and sad. Accept all feelings that come and give yourself love, as much as you need until it feels good again. Know that you are loved and that there are always new ways to go. Pathways that may be better for you and your development than you currently are treading on.

Everything is possible now, dear Earthlings. Listen to your heart and make yourself free from the old that no longer works. The soul wants to be free and to do new, creative things that suit it better. There should be joy in what you do. Is there no joy, then maybe you should look for something else. The soul knows the way so trust it. Do not be afraid to do something new. The world is full of possibilities. The only thing needed is trust. Trust in yourself and your heart. Trust in the world around you and see the beauty that radiates towards you every day – From the smallest insect to the highest mountain top.

Perceive the love and the love perceives you. Your steps then suddenly become lighter and brighter. Understand ye beloved children on earth that it is much your own attitude that affects your life on earth. A positive attitude brings positive experiences. A negative attitude brings negative experiences. It’s time to take hold of yourselves now and see the love in yourselves and the world. Begin to hug yourselves and accept and console you for all that has been. Allow yourself to be angry and sad and then release it. Say to yourself that from now on we follow the heart’s course and Invite the “ego” to comply with the new journey – A journey that can only lead to love and harmony to yourselves and the world outside of you.

It is this journey, I want you to begin now. It is the only road that can give you the joy and the harmony that you seek.

We are around you and help you. Call on us and we give you the clues you need to move forward on your paths now.

With so much love