Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, September 24th, 2017

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I have a few things to tell you today. First of all you have reached the critical mass and large changes are on the way on your Earth. It will not take long before we can meet on our Earth again. There is a great expectation in the air and I can hear how the birds chirp out their songs at the top of their voices. You have done an extraordinary job within yourself dear light workers. It is thanks to this that a large part of humanity now open up their sleepy eyes and start to view their reality as it really is. They start to understand that they can form their own reality and live better and happier lives.

We are many who move among you now. It is a joy to see so many hearts on their way to open up and take in the light in their lives. It is like seeing the world with completely new eyes. It is a world with a golden shine around it. Do you not think nature around you shines a little more intensively and make you happier in your mind? It is then that you understand that your heart is starting to open up. You receive all the energies that are flowing towards you now and the portal of your heart is opening a little more all the time. It is now that it is starting dear children on Earth. It is now that your dreams can be fulfilled. It is now that your lives just become better and better. The hour of freedom has rung and your soul is getting to work with all it has. It transforms the grey every day life to a large festival day for you and those that come with you.

These are wonderful times that have started my dear friends on Earth. It is now that you will make your Earth and yourselves healthy and strong again. You will receive all the help you need. Just put the shovel in the ground and everything will run just as you have wished and longed for. Earth’s old structures have started to fall and new ones have been built that will take their place. Everything will go very smoothly dear Earthlings, as the hour has struck. You who are very sensitive can feel that you already are on the new Earth as both of them now exist simultaneously and it is only an hour away before all is changed. Do not take this as a specific hour of the clock, but understand that I measure it with the infinite time that exists in the Universe. You just need to understand that it is near and it is high time to look after your house and take in love into your hearts.

It is time to open the heart now dear children on Earth. The light shines strongly now and there is no place to hide any longer. It is best to take the bull by the horn and meet yourself in your whole nakedness. Understand that all you have done or not done is forgiven and that our Mother/Father God stands with open arms to receive you. It is the same for all the near and dear that always have been all around you. Understand that you are loved beyond your understanding and that the light always has been in your heart. You are perfectly created by Mother/Father God and he/she will never abandon you. Our dear God will wait in all eternity for your return and this you have heard in earlier messages. Let the light shine into you heart now dear children and discover the love within yourself. Let it grow strong and then take it with you out and share it with others who are on the way to open their hearts.

The time is “now” dear children on Earth. There is no other time than “now”. However, it is important that you open your hearts “now” as the new time of love and light has started. We send you our light to your hearts in order to speed up the process so that your portals can open today, the day that is today.

I leave you with much light and love in my heart that I send on to you.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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