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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, September 30th, 2017

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, September 30th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I am here today to talk a bit about the future – The future that you can see in front of you, the vision that you have in front of your eyes. Can you see this vision clearly? Do you know which future you wish for yourselves? Have you written it down or documented it so that it will stay in your mind? This can be good to do in order to give it more power. This power you then take with you in order to visualize that which you have documented already exist in the reality you live in. It is a powerful manifestation to move your image of reality from one place to another. The amazing thing about this is that you all actually have the ability to do this. Each one of you have this ability – the only thing you need to do to carry it out is to raise you frequency so that it becomes a bit higher and more in tune with your divine self. As the frequency on Earth is raised this will more and more become a part of your reality. Is this not a miracle, if anything, dear Earthlings? The miracles reside within you. They live in your divine self that resides the furthermost inside your heart. Are you starting to understand the importance of you heart now dear friends? Do you understand that it requires a light loving being to do these miracles so that everything becomes just as light and loving as you want it to be.

Gaia is starting to send out its most beautiful light beams up to the surface, so that you are flooded with light both from above and below. This is a lot of light to handle dear friends and there are many that have it extra hard now. It requires its man or woman to raise one’s vibration even if it is just a little bit. I am proud of you. I can see how you struggle on and dissolve blockages after blockages. I can see the light that finds its way into your hearts. I can see the tears streaming down your cheeks and I can see the joy and relief when the harmony returns to you body. You are amazing our heroes on Earth and we are many who move among you now. There are many wings that have embraced you to help you in your most sorrowful moments, and songs of joy that have been shared with you when you have managed to enter a new phase in your lives. We love you dear Earthlings and we share your sorrow and joy.

There are many who now start to wake up to themselves and find a meaning with their lives. They have found something to fight for and somebody or something to guard and protect, and this somebody can also be your self. Your own worth is mirrored in the eyes of others. You grow together and spread your energy around you. Right now a warm and empathetic energy is spreading all around our Earth. It is an energy that you can feel in your core and understand that you belong together and that everybody and everything that exists are of equal value. It is a light and high energy that leads to great changes at both the inner and outer worlds. Which large changes these will be, grows from your hearts. You change this world now through your emerging and growing consciousness. It is time to take each other by the hand now and become the strong loving collective that you once were and deep inside always wanted to return to. You are not alone. You are a large humanity that now is starting to pull in the same direction. You have chosen the path of the heart and you tread onwards on the path of light. It is a path that ever more is opening up for stronger and greater light.

There are legions of light that in reverence stand ready now to greet you welcome home. You are so much longed for dear children on Earth… so much longed for. Millions of light beams are now beaming down on your Earth and on your heads. Receive them and let it be part of your life. You are so loved dear children on Earth and a reunion with your world is what is highest up on our wish list now. We can see that this reunion is ever approaching now and it creates much joy in all our hearts.

I leave you now with hopes for a reunion soon.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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