Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann, June 19

Judas Iscariot

Friday, June 19, 2015

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today is the day of the sun, even if it is raining in many places. In many parts of the world you are celebrating and honoring the sun. This can take place at slightly different times of the year. However it is not surprising that it is done. Without the sun’s heat and energy it would not much would grow here on earth. This you know well and understand. However you do not think so much about the sun’s importance in the spiritual world. The sun has a direct connection with the Supreme Source or “Father God”, so these high energies are transmitted from the sun down to earth. Just as we thank Mother Earth, we should also thank Father / Mother Sun. The sun helps all of us now to raise our energy levels, so that we may rise up in the 5th dimension.

It is no wonder that “certain people” want to prevent the sun’s rays from reaching down to the earth with all its force. The sun has many allies that help to remove the obstacles so that the rays and the associated energy reach the earth and all its inhabitants. Green light from heaven has come giving us permission to do this now. You may have noticed that the sky looks brighter than it has done for many years. I do not mean ordinary rain clouds but the constant cloud of fog that artificially has covered the sky. Times change only for the better now. You have the light on your side and everything can only go upwards. You rise in energy and the bodies adapt slowly to it.

Light and joy, we wish to give you as much as we can. Your burden has been great and it will ease more and more each day. We love you so much and we look forward to the day when we can meet and converse with each other. The day is approaching now, dear friends. Your waiting will have a positive ending. It will be worth all the efforts you have put into your work in service to the light. This applies to everyone who sends hope and love for earth and us. All these thousands of positive thoughts form a fine network in the collective pattern.

Our Father” will thank you once again that you hold the light high, and that you will continue to work for the common good. The smallest grain of sand is accounted for in the sky and everything and everyone is equally loved and appreciated. Understand that you are beloved children and live in love. Spread the message of love by being love, because that’s actually what you are. You just have to understand and know that.

Love came into the world to awaken the love that slept – Just as the prince woke Sleeping Beauty after 100 years of sleeping with a kiss of love. Now the rays of love radiate down to you after eons time asleep. It is not so strange that so many are beginning to rub their eyes and wonder what it is all about. It takes a little time to wake up.

The Era of awakening, however, is underway and while more and more are beginning to rub their eyes, there are many people who have woken up. They have started with what they came down to do. In this way the love is spreading all over the earth and awakening those who want to be woken up, so that they can use their gift. It is gratifying to use one’s gift to help lift up the planet and its inhabitants back to the light again. It is a glorious work, and only those specially selected have been sent down to help with this work.

We are all so deeply grateful and gaze with love down at all your work, both with yourself and the earth.

With so much love