Love is our new reality

Judas Iscariot’s New Year’s Greeting via Ann Dahlberg, January 1st, 2022

Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahberg, January 1, 2022


I am Judas and I have come today to wish you a Happy New Year which is now celebrated for a large part of the world’s population. Let this new year begin with hope and confidence that all the work you have done with yourself during a couple of very intense years will yield the dividend that you so earnestly desire and long for. It has been a difficult time for many of you and it may take some time to recover from the sorrows and worries you have faced. Hope is the last thing that abandons man, it is said, and it is true to that extent, when an extinguished hope gives apathy and depression, a slump that can be very difficult to get out of. Those who emerge from a great slump in their lives often undergo a great inner transformation where they see life in a renewed way. Their lives will never be the same as they were before.

Yes, dear friends, a lot has happened and is happening on your earth, there are many forces at work of both the positive and the negative kind. The positive forces have a small uphill slope in relation to the negative ones, but they grow in force and movement and they become larger with each passing day. Gather courage and strength, dear earthlings, so that you can remain in the truth that you have within you. Stand up for your fellow human beings with love and empathy. Remind yourself that you are all one and what you do to your brother you do to yourself. You are all in the same boat, it is how you steer the boat that is important now. You need to be many who steer in the same direction. Do not let a few take over what the great masses do not want. The soul wants to be in joy and freedom. It wants love and harmony around it. Love and compassion are the only weapons you can use to reach your goal. It may be something to think about. If your intention is based on the essence of love, then you have your strength with you. It is a heavenly force that can not be so easily attacked. All attacks fall as if a little flat to the ground, but that presupposes that you stand firmly on the ground and in contact with your soul. There is one here of light warriors around your earth, they only have the sword of light in their hands. They use love and compassion to achieve peace and freedom for themselves and their fellow human beings. Sometimes there may also be scientists and inventors who serve humanity in different ways. They stand up for the truth they have within themselves and for what they see is good for their fellow human beings, no matter where they live on earth.

You get help from many different places, both visible and invisible, you are not alone, there are many who now support you in different ways. Let hope shine in your heart and feel confident and confident that everything will be fine. The light shines on your Earth, a new day stripes on the horizon, a new day of happiness, joy and love. Feel the new energy and let it lead your way today. Let the strange feeling of joy and happiness fill your chest. Feel how the peace and bliss spreads in your body. Thank you for all that you have become and all that you have accomplished so far. You are part of a whole and loved by just being who you are…

I am… that’s all.

I end with these words.

I am …

There is an enormous significance in these two words. Let those words sink into your consciousness.

Great love