Love is our new reality

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Judas Iskariot via Ann Dahlberg, 24 oktober

Judas Iskariot and guests

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Channel Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. A lot happens around the world now. We are grateful to all of our allies who continuously work on what is their mission. They came down to give humanity these gifts and they make advances after advances. It looks bright now, dear earthlings. Your world is about to turn away from a world of darkness to a world of light. Stand tall, dear children, you have a big part in this too. Without your light and positive visions it would not have been progressing as well as it is now doing. We are very proud of all of you. You will soon notice the difference, it is not far until all of you can see and hear it, then many media will begin to broadcast what is now taking place in the world.

I am Sananda and I am pleased to speak with you today. It is incredibly exciting to see how your world is changing today. It gets brighter with every day that passes. I wish that you could experience the same as we, who see it from a higher level. This is unfortunately not possible before you yourself have taken the step into the higher energy level. You approach the limit with slightly different speeds but you will all experience the bright world that begins to take shape with increasingly higher vibrations.

Search within you, and you can find it there. Light is within you, the same light that begins to glimpse on the outside of you. It is stronger within you and when it is strong enough in you, you will see it on the outer. Think about it dear children, bring forward the light within you, and you’ll have everything you need.

I thank you for letting me speak and I am now handing over to Mother Mary.

I am Mother Mary and I am happy today, when I see what progress the Earth does. My heart rejoices, when I see all the work as you children of the earth do. I can see that clean technology is on the way that will help the soil to recover and give everyone the opportunity to live a better life. It feels good in my heart because you all mean so much to me. I follow every step you take and help you in any way I can, when the Earth is now accelerating forward at an increasingly higher speed. It is important as Sananda said that you are looking for the light in your heart, for there you have all the answers. Your higher self has all the answers and is also in contact with all your guides. So my children, still yourselves and find your answers deep inside and everything will be fine. You get all the help you need. It is enough to send a thought to the above and we are there.

I love you so much and give now the floor back to Judas.

I thank Sananda and Mother Mary for their wise guidance and naturally sign up with them. If you have found the light in your heart then you have made the most important work that you came down to Earth to do. It is the light in your hearts that raises the vibration of the earth today. All lights form a collective belt that is spreading across the surface plane where you live. In turn this brings in the greater light that comes from the “source” and the whole thing spreads slowly across the world that you live in. It is all of you together that now converts the surface to a brighter place to be. That is what makes this ascension so interesting, as you do it here in your bodies and in such large numbers.

With this I thank you for us.

With so much love