Love is our new reality

  Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, 5 juni, 2023


Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, June 5, 2023

I’m Judas and I just want to say hello to you. It is a stormy time and some of you can feel that storm within you, others feel it coming from outside. Regardless of where you perceive it to be coming from, it stirs up a lot of emotions within you. It can be anxiety, you wonder what will happen next, if it concerns yourself or if something global will happen that can also affect you. Both feed the fear that is quick to take over, when we are faced with something that we cannot really control. It comes from the collective field that is now active due to many people being affected in different ways by the high energies that are now radiating over the Earth. Some of your anxieties may not even concern you, but are part of the collective. This is when it is especially important to have solid ground under your feet and to be safe and grounded in yourself and in Mother Earth. It then becomes easier to separate one from the other.<!–more–>

Yes, dear friends, it is a special time that you chose to be born into and you chose it for many different reasons. One could be that you wanted to rise a little higher in your own development, the other that you wanted to be a part of a planetary shift, a shift that you don’t experience very often. You also wanted to help Mother Earth in her quest to raise her frequency, so that she can more easily make this shift, as gently as possible for all the planetary inhabitants involved in this process. You knew when you went down that there could be difficulties but you were absolutely sure that you would ride out the storm and increase the light of love on Earth. You brought with you many helpers from the other side who assist you with insights and help in various ways, they leave little clues here and there, so that you can see them and change direction if necessary. It has taken a little different time for those of you who went down with this intention, depending on what you had with you in your luggage and what it was that you would like to contribute. It depends on what knowledge and experience you have and what the Earth is currently being used for. After all, it can be both within the natural realm and the world that you yourselves live in. There are many different intelligences that meet on Earth today, whose common goal is to help Earth and humanity to a brighter and better existence. They want peace on Earth and care for a better society for both people, animals and nature. You can also be one of those who descended to be a pillar of light, one who sends light just by being here on Earth, to support the work of the ascension that everyone now faces. You do this while raising your own awareness with the work that you yourself have chosen, in order to ascend into a higher frequency of light and love that is then spread on Earth and the collective field that you all belong to. There is a lot of light that is spreading on Earth today through all those souls who have woken up and started to understand what it is that Earth needs right now. It needs love and light and again love and light. The more loving thoughts you send out, the stronger the Earth becomes and the smoother and easier your ascension becomes. So raise up as many brothers and sisters as you can in relation to their development. Don’t waste time trying to wake up those who don’t want to be woken up, but give your time to those who show little interest in what you want to convey. It can of course vary over time, those who previously did not want to be woken up have suddenly changed after various experiences and are now showing interest in the information you tried to give them on a previous occasion. As you already know, life is its own teacher and without your own experience, you cannot understand what someone else is trying to inform you about on a deeper level.

You are all on your way, dear Earthlings, and we are so grateful and happy for that.

Great love