Love is our new reality

KaRa the Pleiadian via James McConnell, January 13th, 2019

KaRa   Channeled by James McConnell)

I am KaRa.   I have not spoken through this one or to this group before.  I have asked permission to be able to do so, that I would come as a representative of the Pleiadian fleets,

I say pleural in fleets, because there are many of us circling the planet now.  We have been here for some time.  We are indeed coming closer and closer to your reality here on the planet.  We have been watching and waiting for the opportunity to be more fully involved with all of you.  Because in many respects, we are you, and you are us.

And I say I am a representative of the Pleiadian fleets of the councils, Pleiadian council.  I come at this time to prepare you for what is to come, for what this group is being prepared for,  and many who would listen or read these words after.  You are being prepared for those times where we make the connection with you.  For it must come before the event.  It must come before the many changes.  That we would become more associated with you, more closely with you.  And yes, indeed, even some of you will be invited upon our ships.

Those times are coming, and you have been being prepared for this.  This is why I come and speak at this time, to inform this group, many of you within this group, as well again as many who would hear and read these words after.

You are being prepared for those times where we can be together in a more physical fashion.  Not in your current vibration, but in a vibration that you are moving toward.  Because as you continue to raise your vibrations, then we are able to lower ours somewhat to meet you, what you call “meeting half way.”  We are in the process of doing that.

There are many functions, you might say, that are happening at this time, many programs that are being run.  Each time one of the programs that we are working on, one of the part of the plan, when that is finished, then we move to the next stage.

That is where we are now.  We have just moved to the next stage.  That stage is the preparation.  The preparation for welcoming those of you who would be called to come and be with us more fully.

It is a choice on your part, yes.  But it also requires a matching, a matching of vibration.  If you can match our vibration, and we can match yours, then we can have this more full connection–not at the 3D level, but at the 4D level.

That is where many of you are residing now:  in the fourth dimension.  Many of you are finding those things that you wish for, that you ask for are coming true much, much quicker.  Even those things that you don’t want are also coming through quicker.  So it is important now for all of you, as you continue to raise your vibration, to continue to control your thoughts, learn to still the mind, so that the connection between you and your higher self can become stronger and stronger.  When that occurs, when you have more fully connected with your higher God self, that is when your vibrations will be high enough to match ours.

It is not only we, the Pleiadians.  There are many of the fleets of the many different civilizations: Serians, the Archturians, the Andromedans, and so on.  Many are preparing in various stages themselves for this ascension process that is underway now.  Yes, you are going through a transition and will continue to do so.  But as you are going through this transition, you are also moving through your ascension closer and closer to that moment, and you will realize fully who you really are.  In that moment, you will fully connect with your higher God self.  The integration will be complete.  You will move through the ascension in those moments.

Prior to this, leading up to this, is all that I speak of now.  Many changes that are happening here on the planet, some yet still behind the scenes, but all of it, is coming forward.  All truth is coming forward to be revealed.  Nothing, no rock, will be left unturned.  All will be revealed.  Trust in that.  Trust in yourselves.  Trust in the great plan that is forever working on behalf of the consciousness of man.

I am Kara.  I leave you now in peace and love, and a sharing between us that holds no bounds.