Love is our new reality

Kartikeya via Kerstin Eriksson, February 8th, 2022

Tuesday, 8 February 2022

Kartikeya The Army of lovers!

I am Kartikeya. I can not speak enough of love.

Love is the most important energy in the Universe.

You live on a fantastic planet, Earth, Gaia.

She is your beloved Mother.

You have to fight for love. You are the soldiers that carry the torch of freedom and also love.

Always start by loving your great Mother Earth, and feel the important gratitude for everything that she provides for you and your family and friends.

She is a living breathing soul and she walks beside you always, just as God does.

Anchor your love down through your feet, into the Earth and then you get connected to the entire Universe. It all starts with her, your Mother.

You can not get a full connection with the higher sources, dimensions and worlds until you are grounded thouroghly into the soil of Mother.

Do it every day when you say prayers and when you meditate.

It is about the true connection. The physical connection and into the etherical dimension.

You do it together with your heart ray. The love in your heart.

So be a brave soldier, in the army of lovers, that knows that the secret lies within her, your dear Mother Earth.

I love you


(This is a message from Kartikeya through medium Kerstin Eriksson at my blog on 8 Feb 2022)