Khan via Beatrice Madsen, December 16, 2018


December 16, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

(Beatrice: As I as a person has not felt a connection to Asia it surprises me that I can see an older Chinese or Mongol person calling himself Khan. Behind there is an array of older souls who have passed over to the spirit world.)

Khan: We remind you that we are with you from this side – we who are not in the flesh right now. We are your distant relatives from near and far away and we work with you so that the progress of the light will accelerate and the shadows are forced to crawl out and face the consequences of their evil deeds.

All of us that have walked the Earth in life after life rejoice in your development and we now see how the surface shimmers in a new way. We are only a breath away and we have earlier during our lives contributed in different ways to the development, more in some lives and less in others, but no life has been in vain or unnecessary. Some of us will come down again and while waiting we swim in the power of love of our soul’s residence and support you in your carrying of the light and see how you garner victory after victory as the true light warriors you are. Use the golden sword I Khan tell you – use it to separate the chaff from the wheat. When you swing your sword of light it is only the dark powers that will flee – as they do not have any light of their own they become blinded. Your sword of light is no threat to those of your own as they are part of your essence. The frequency of your sword is so high, so high and the gloomy tone has nowhere to flee to. Actually some bitter notes choose to follow your sword as the light transforms the dark.

Lao-Tse said to me Khan that the smallest will be the greatest and the largest will become the smallest. Khan is now telling you that now the molecules all around your cells and in the sky are changing.

Imagine how light is streaming out from your long finger. Dance in your chamber as a master of energy with your energy swords – haaaa – itja. Focus the energy on the dark spots and swing around them to become light spots. Some will start dancing with you. Others will fade away in terror never to return.

Shine dear warriors – your vitality is great as I breathe with you.

Master Khan with company.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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