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Kryon from magnetic service, via Inger Noren, October 31st, 2020


Kryon from magnetic service, via Inger Noren, October 31st, 2020


It is with great pleasure that I can announce that another time and a new world is now entering. The old matrix regarding the three-dimensional has been dismantled and it is the new world that is now coming into force that refers to the five-dimensional.

Soon there will be an announcement to the people and it will turn people’s beliefs upside down when it comes to the rulers of the land. This is especially true of the United States. After that, there will be a time of unrest and turbulence. It is of great importance that the light workers stand in their light because they will have a lot to do to help people get an explanation of what is happening in the world.

 There are very strong energies coming to Earth now in November and towards the end of the year comes the big wave that will hit all people for better or worse. Many people are very happy about this feeling that these energies give because of how they have lived their past lives. Others are terrified of how they have lived their lives and how they have been towards other people. It is important to know that everyone must take responsibility for their actions in life. No one else should have to take responsibility for someone else’s actions. This is going to be a big event in people’s lives and nothing will be the same after this event.

 There will be major changes in working life. Many companies disappear and those who remain are adapted to the demands people have in the future that may have changed to a more personal and more adaptation for the benefit of all. This will develop over a longer period of time as not everything can be done from one day to the next. People must be given time to adapt to the new times. Eventually, it will be a gradual development into a better and more peaceful world. When everything has settled down and people understand that this new time is here to stay, life becomes so much easier for everyone.

 Gender equality will apply to all countries on Earth and poverty will be a thing of the past. Everyone will have a roof over their heads and no one will have to starve. More and more knowledge is coming to humans with the help of the galaxies that lie with their ships in the atmosphere and that will help with the energy supply that is a big cost for many, especially in the countries with cold climates. This energy will be free. These galaxies will also help clean up the oceans. The earth will be non-toxic to get non-toxic crops again, that is, everything will be a better world to live in for all people, and so it is.





Many thanks …. In loving service…. I AM



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