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A Master in the Kingdom of Crystal channeled by Carina Davidsson, November 2nd, 2020


A Master in the Kingdom of Crystal channeled by Carina Davidsson, November 2nd, 2020



Dear Light Creatures, dear people on earth,

You now intend to calibrate your bodily energies with the crystalline energy network that has been established on earth for eons of time but which until some time ago has not been properly activated. We see that you suffer physically from pain and inner stress when the old energies give way and the new ones open up and take over the daily functions in your body.

Allow yourself to rest and breathe. Do not make hasty choices of great importance to yourself right now, but let the storms in your body blow over before you make new decisions for yourself.

Speaking of storms, it is not only in your bodies that the storms are going on, but your senses are affected by the shift in consciousness that is now going on. For many lives you have been trapped in the three-dimensional consciousness, which has controlled and controlled you with the help of physical assets in the form of money, gold and other objects that have been decided by humanity to be the one that has been assigned the highest value in your life.

You can now let go of these values ​ as you leave the old three-dimensional consciousness at a fast pace to move over to the five-dimensional consciousness. You only go when you have lived in higher dimensions in previous incarnations and know that you do not need money, gold or other assets to be happy.

 When you stand in your own power, you are happy and at peace exactly where you are without any changes. Do you remember? You have everything you need to be happy in yourself and with that we are not saying that you do not need money, food and a home there for your physical bodies to feel good and for you to be able to live a practical life on earth. What we mean is that in your three-dimensional consciousness you have created a model based on the fact that you never have what you need to be happy. The model has also included that it is very noble and nice to set high-flying goals and then fight to reach them. You have been programmed to establish yourself in the performance system and most of you have not been aware that you have been tempted to perform so that a few people in the world will eventually become enormously rich in power and / or money.

The new five-dimensional system is very easy for you to live in and when you realize that your high-flying plans for the next unattainable goal are impossible for one to achieve during this lifetime, you will first collapse in your emotions and then wake up to the new world that you are already in. The new world that is based on completely different things than the old one. The new world which means that struggle and pain is finally over and where the joy is there quite naturally.

Now remember that you are a small group of incarnated light beings on earth who will be the first to let go of life in the three-dimensional consciousness. Remember that most people around you will continue to pursue things that are happiness in the third dimension and remember that you will probably feel jealous and confused when you see how some of these people succeed in achieving things that you yourself have had as dreams before.

We do not ask you to go against yourselves in any way. If you want to continue chasing your three-dimensional goals because it feels right for you, we ask you to follow your feelings. But if you feel that you can no longer hunt, it is likely that you are at the calibrating zero point when your three-dimensional consciousness is dismantled to be replaced by the five-dimensional where peace and quiet together with daily joy in yourself exist. When you get to the point that you can no longer hunt and fight, we ask you to look at what you have exactly where you are now and what things are easy and simple for you. When you do these things and feel joy in doing them, you have raised your eyes and raised your energy awareness.

Be afraid of your bodies and be afraid of the love of yourself. Be aware that you are designed to live a good life right where you are right now. You do not need any changes outside of yourself before you can feel good. If you feel that way, it is because you are still searching for what is important in the consciousness of the third dimension. If you love to bake bread, enjoy baking bread and invite a good friend, family or neighbor to it and you will feel joy in your company. If you love to knit and crochet, do it and then rejoice that you have created a beautiful you or scarf for yourself. If you love to grow your own food, grow your own food and enjoy it in all its phases. Look at your relationships, take care of them and invest love in them and you will be happy. Challenge yourself if you want and decide to find as many good qualities in your fellow human beings as you can in one day and then have fun communicating them to those who want to hear. You will create rings on the water that are huge and you will be happy.

We know that in the consciousness of the three-dimensional world, these chores are something that can seem meager and boring as it neither sparkles nor gives a return on money. But get used to the thought as you will no longer be able to feel joy over what is not permanent in your higher dimension. Let yourself feel successful when you do things that make you feel good right now. Let go of the idea that you should only do things that generate added value in money. You can not take your money with you when you leave your physical bodies one day, but the relationships you weave with others in the five-dimensional consciousness will last, now and forever.

You already know all this, but ask us for help to remember if it feels difficult.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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