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Lady Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, January 6th, 2018

Mother Mary

Saturday, January 6th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mother Mary and I am grateful for the light that shines on Earth today. The light that shines in all our souls and lights the radiance that gets your heart to beat a little faster. It vibrates together with the light and gets you to pause and wonder what it is that is happening. Yes, much is happening now, both in your bodies and on the body of Mother Earth. Things are moving on various levels today – in the social life as well as the emotional and mental. Everything is tied together in the spirit of spirit.

The energy on Earth is high now and it affects all things living that now exist on Earth in a physical sense. All living organism are affected and begin to vibrate in sequence with Earth’s higher energy. The consciousness is changing and its energy is starting to vibrate at a higher level. This implies consequences for your living – it impacts your inner as well as your outer life. You experience and sense things in a different way. Some things become more obvious and other things surprise you. You feel as if you have grown much in a shorter time period than you ever have done before. You achieve a larger understanding of various contexts – how it all really is tied together. You receive a larger holistic perspective regarding different things you have experienced and you also reach a bigger perspective on various happenings taking place around the world today. It becomes easier for you to absorb what is happening and why it is happening right now. You do not feel as stricken – you know you are a part of everything and your path is equally important as anybody else’s. You are all a part of everything that is happening around you. You have all created this world and you are now on your way to recreate it so that it better fits your needs. Your consciousness grows higher and your world takes another shape based on your higher consciousness. This is what is now happening and it changes all the time as your numbers with a higher consciousness is growing. From being completely quiet in your mass media it some of the changes that are under way in the world have now started to leak out.

It is happening now dear children on Earth. Changes happen daily both within and outside of you. There are many that now have started to follow a completely different path. They have understood that the old path went downwards and that it was time to go upwards – to think a little further than the tip of your nose and to see everything more from a global perspective. This means that one takes more responsibility for Earth and the wellbeing of the children of Earth. This makes my heart make a jump of joy. This is what the new times are all about – that we take care of each other and protect our Earth. Can you see that many good things have happened on our Earth? Can you see that a great change is on its way or do you still need to lift some more of the veil? This New Year will definitely get all of you to wake up. This is going to be the year of awakening. It is not possible to sleep when the world’s foundation is shaking. Life is going to be different and you need to find your steps in the existence that is being built up around you. Your inner guidance is what is helping you forward – the old cannot guide the new. A whole new approach is needed in order to test new grounds and then the intuition is the source that is closest and that helps you in the best way. You all need to seek within yourselves. You have the answers in your hearts, which you need now when you will test your wings. We whisper in your ears and in your hearts… so listen now, listen carefully dear children. You are receiving all the guidance you need so heed the guidance in your heart. You who have found your heart need to be examples to others so that they also can find their heart.

I thank you for all the work you have done on Earth and I love you so much.

Mother Mary



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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