Love is our new reality

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Lady Nada via Susan Sammarco, August 14th


I am Lady Nada.  It is a pleasure to share this experience with you today. This was a surprise for Susan because she did not know that I was going to take over the lead on this.

There are so many things happening around the world today. We know that most of you do not choose to listen to the regular TV news or read the regular newspapers. You are looking for alternate sources. It seems that every day there are two to three new whistleblowers coming forward to share what they know, what they have experienced.

This is a glorious time. It is a glorious time because the Cabal has been lifted. You are free. You are creating your world every moment, every experience. And with those who are enlightened, such as you, you connect with others around the world and you contribute to that mass consciousness that is being pushed, pushed forward.

You learned today about people in Costa Rica having hearts opened. These are the stories that you are listening to. These are the stories you are hearing. More and more we want you to share these. As they continue forward, you will know that the time for The Event is very close. We cannot say, for only the Father knows, but we say that the frequency quotient that you are looking for to kick you over the top is close at hand.

Ignore those things that you hear that are false. Ignore those who seem to be getting into little snits with one another. Some of the Lightworkers we know have differences of opinions about things. Much has to do with the channeled messages that come through so many people. Each of the messages is tailored for the group who receives it.

We, Sananda and I, are so close to this group. We love you and we know that you love us. That was established thousands of years ago.

We know that you feel as though you are walking around with blinders on. We apologize for that, but it is necessary still. But as that veil continues, continues, continues to drop, the blinders are being removed. And the light that is within each of you is being shared with all.

Thank you for your time today…Blessings.