Lada Nada via Susan Sammarco, May 3

Channel: Susan Sammarco

Good evening all (good evening). It is such a joyous pleasure to be with you tonight along with Sananda. It is a joyous pleasure to be here with you to speak of things that you will find comforting and exciting and hopeful. For one of the things that I have been asked to share is to discuss the arrival of those divine partners that belong to each of you. Those of you who feel now that you have come into contact already and may have your perfect partner, we applaud for you. There are so many upon the planet who know that they had been awakening and awaiting for their complement person. For it may be male or it may be female, it may be of this planet or it may be not of this planet. And those of you who have had your hearts in discipline, not looking to build relationships that you do not believe will last for long terms, now this is the time in creation that those beloved mates are now coming to you. And knowing that you will live for very long times after the processes that take place here, you will also come to know that even though one believes that they have soulmates and they have found that person that they have been waiting for perhaps for lifetimes that may last 500 years, 800 years, and then you may choose to find another. But those who have been waiting for you have been working for this too on the other sides of all of these veils and dimensions.

Sometimes those of you who have been waiting for your soul partner are meeting now in dreams and feel them and see them. They may be with you during waking hours even, whispering in your ears, feeling you as you fall asleep. And the complement relationship is so different than that which you experience so often on this planet for it is not out of fear or regret or concern that you join with a partner that you choose and you have waited for, but you have joyous celebrations because this is indeed your complement. The one who is your perfect match and who comes into the new dimension with new opportunities to swell their lives, their loves, to have children if they so desire for having children is a new process. And those who are having children now in this moment in time, in this new process, will see these children all rise, all rise and know one another instantly. Yes these souls are moving in and out and through your existence. Do not think that one who comes as a mentor is also your beloved, for your beloved will be with you when all of the little things that you have been working out are finally released with this Event experience. And you come flowing in to your partners arms and you share with them once again; they will be familiar and you will know them in your core. It will be part of the blessings of this amazing experience that is about to happen.

So I speak of love, I speak of love with children I speak of love with parents, I speak of love with friends and families and communities such as this here. This love that is shared with one another all weekend long and yes the energy has been different from the previous two Advances. However has it not felt overwhelmingly wonderful? (Yes, yes). We have had an opportunity, those of us who have served you and have presented to you and have been with you this weekend, to have a little bit more fun with you too. To be a little more of ourselves that are not so disciplined and restricted when giving messages and bringing in messages of love, gratitude, grace and happiness. You have learned over the weekend of the need to balance out and to join your Light bodies, your Merkaba bodies with the physical body to take the next step, in the next jump, of evolution. You have heard of others that have shared with you other things that are necessary for you to have your eye on, to keep your eye on. And still we have brought you messages of joy and exclamations that are taking place. This is a glorious time and I, Lady Nada, bring to you the glorious message of love, of love that has flowed and moved through and all about you for many months now. And that love now kicks you up to an entirely new start, a new evolution. And you will find yourselves laughing morning through afternoon through evening and through your dreams. You will find yourselves wondering how in the world could you have been so lucky to have gone through all of these things. Yes, you will forget the pains, you will forget the anxieties, you will forget the challenges and you will be in the midst of the most wonderful evolution and you shall be glad.

That is my message this evening. Love and blessings to all of you. This is Lady Nada.


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