Love is our new reality

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Lady Nada via Fran Zepeda, August 2

Lady Nada and Sananda via Fran Zepeda: Illumination and Inspiration on Judgment

Fran: This capsule of information came in as I was pondering how much judgment has been a part of our lives, but also how things are changing, and asking for illumination on the subject, I received this and share it with you now:

“Throughout your long existence in duality, judgment has been your stalwart, your guidepost, your guiding light to navigate your many twists and turns within your reality. And it has served you well. It has seemingly kept you safe and kept you moving towards your goals.

We say seemingly, because while it has moved you forward and kept you safe in many cases, it has also limited you in your many experiences in your journey of moving into higher consciousness.

Yet judgment has served its purpose. It has been necessary and has served you in your sojourn in duality, in navigating your many phases of evolution towards enlightenment and higher consciousness and Oneness.

It has been a necessary phase to move you further along in your development and to allow you to move into your continual refinement of your energies as you move out of duality, and ultimately to discover that judgment can now be replaced with discernment and openness to new experiences in consciousness.

Looking at and examining the many times you have used judgment as a compass will be an enlightening exercise in discovering and examining the workings of your old ways of moving through life — that although they have served you, it is now time to allow yourselves to shift into the new perspective brought into your consciousness by the new higher energies, steadily becoming more comfortable residing within you.

You can now look at each new choice, idea, thought and occurrence as a canvas to explore the many sides of a question, occurrence, thought or idea as all-encompassing and all-pervading, with many facets and points of view, allowing you to see that within all of it holds the whole truth, to which you become open and more accepting and to feel more comfortable living within all of it, as a whole, with a feeling of ‘it is what it is.’

It is important you do not judge yourselves for judging, for in many ways this form of navigation in life has served you as you have moved through your eons within duality. And as you know, it is always a challenge to move out of the old ways.

However, you are finding that it is becoming easier to move beyond this older mode of operation you have used to guide you, as you merge with your higher selves, aspects, and higher consciousness and embrace the new vibrant energies of change that are upon you now.

Dear ones, it is becoming easier for you to recognize when and how you judge things as good or bad, black or white, negative or positive, as you allow yourselves to ride the waves of change and open your energies to embrace all perspectives, all expressions and all thoughts as containing a multitude and plethora of possibilities, embracing it ALL in the present expansion of your consciousness.

And discernment will serve you in guiding you in the direction of your highest good, of your highest consciousness, your highest vibration, bringing you into new territory, allowing you to stay in the higher dimensions with more ease and sustainability.

And discernment is a means of choice based on your inherent compass housed in your heart and higher consciousness, your inner voice to which you are learning to listen and abide by, based on your Divine Love Essence and Soul-stirrings as you climb the ladder to higher consciousness, perceiving things from the perspective of your Christ Consciousness ever-building within you, as you merge with your higher aspects and lovingly take in the higher energies pervading you now…

…And thus inherently choosing all action and thought based on this higher consciousness, anchored in Divine Love, guiding you now in place of the way judgment used to guide you.

And there you have it, dear ones, as we offer you another means of opening up your perspective and consciousness to a higher level of clarity within your inherent journey into the higher realms of consciousness.


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