Love is our new reality

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Lady Nada Channeled by Fran Zepeda, June 15

You Have Entered a New Phase of Your Awakening

Greetings, Beloveds. I AM Lady Nada, here to present before you a new perspective on your awakening. Yes, you have come far. No amount of analysis could reveal just how far. You must instead FEEL the difference, the expansion and the sweet Lightness that you have achieved thus far.

As you step forward into your greater awakening each moment of Now, it is difficult to quantify your changes except to say that you have entered a new phase of your awakening and it is only necessary to feel and accept the changes. Do not hyper-focus on them. Rather, gather them and encompass them into your new perspective of yourselves.

Any calculations of your former way of assessing your growth will not reveal the true growth and expansion you have attained. And expansion and growth will just get even more so in the coming days of further Reception of the Solstice energies.

My beloveds, you have come such a long way, and by now you have realized you will be well served to throw away your former mode of assessment of your growth. For in your further merging with your Higher Self, with your I AM presence, with Source, you have reached such great expansion that it is hard to put your finger on it.…It is so expansive, yet so Light and almost a feeling of no form, yet at the same time you are firmly grounded with Mother Earth and infinitely connected with Source and the Hearts of others.

There is a sense of Freedom in this new expansion. Taking away your vigilant observance of it will allow more Freedom and Expansion. Enjoy this new phase, dear ones, for you have cleared so much more, to allow this pure clear feeling of your Divine Essence to shine even brighter than ever.

Take a moment now, dear ones, and just breathe with me, breathe in and out, expanding with Love through all your cells, through all the many aspects of you, through the giant web of intricate connection with the Hearts of all Humanity, with the Galactic Center, with All-That-Is, with Source. You have expanded enough to encompass ALL into your very breath, dear ones. Feel that expansion Now.

The feeling of Oneness with All-That-Is is now a deep part of you, and a Reality you are all privy to. It is a feeling that no one can describe but you, because this is YOUR experience of expansion, each unique in your own magnificent awakening, yet, so connected to All because you are so connected in Divine Love.

Savor this quiet feeling of Lightness, Love, and Freedom that is developing within you. Feel as if all barriers have been lifted and your potential and possibilities have been enabled and enhanced with each breath of New Light coming into your cells now.

This is not a time for assessment, or judgment of your progress. This is a time of complete letting go and surrendering to your Higher Self, for it will take you further into your journey of Ascension the more you trust it. Keep asking to merge and commune with it (your Higher Self) and there will be such a change in your perspective — A quiet coming home to your True Divine Selves.

Trust your inner guidance, dear ones, for no one can lead you like your Higher Self. Trust that you are where you should be right now and relax into it. Ground and anchor into this new feeling of upliftment that is pervading you now. Keep letting go of the barriers of what you once felt it would be like in your awakening and ascension and be completely open to all that presents for you.

Push those barriers out and welcome in all sensations of awakening knocking at the door of your Heart now. The ‘Sky is the Limit’, as they say. No judgment, no opinions, just be open to all possibilities and the sweet awakening of Light and Love permeating your very existence now. Let it build to a crescendo and settle into it, always ready for more.

Now is your time, dear ones, to exceed all expectations, to override all previous perceptions of what it is to be fully awakened, and allow for infinite possibilities to pervade your Divine Presence Now.

Divine Love is guiding you. Surrender to its infinite possibilities as it transforms you with each breath of Divine Love that you take.


In Love and Service, I AM Lady Nada

Copyright © 2011-2015 Fran Zepeda.