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Judas Iscariot, June 13

Judas Iscariot

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Channel Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. The sun shines all over the planet and we have much to rejoice. New revelations are dropping in very often now in the alternative media and leaking more and more out to the main stream media. Many women and men have awakened to their courage and truth. They see the truth as the only way for mankind to have a better life and to put everything right. So it is also, without truth, the lie is hanging firm.

Be sincere and stick to your inner truth, then you will be on safe ground. Only the truth can help you forward now on your path -The bright path that anyone can follow. It is open and waiting for you, folks. However, you have to put the lie behind you. It fears the light and flees in another direction. In your heart there is only truth and it is there, which we have said so many times, you have to search. It is what you must have the courage to stand up for. We will help you, of course. It is the courage to dare even though you are frightened that will be needed. “It” is real guts, then it goes by itself. We are with you at every step. We have said that before and this we stand for.

Everything comes forward now, you don´t need to be afraid, bright times are already here. Stand up for yourself, stand up for your truth, that you can feel deep within you. It is the truth that echoes through the ground and wakes up all that can be woken up. It is the truth that will save the world. It is the truth, which comes with the light and works in its service. Hearken unto that truth and follow it, and the earth will soon be a much better place to live.

The truth of your own heart is what leads you forward now. That is why the art of listening is so important. Listening to your true inner voice. If all the people were listening to their own inner voice, we would soon have a collective shift, and the old paradigm would fall down like a house of cards. The “new” would grow up in an instant and you would hardly understand that the “old” really existed.

It grows fast, dear friends. More and more brave men and women begin to stand up for the truth and the light grows stronger and stronger in the collective. We rejoice with you and strengthen you as far as it goes. You live in a turbulent but hopeful time, dear friends. You pave the way for thousands of others who seek their light and their truth. We are all “One” and everything you do leaves a mark in different ways.

It is the tracks of the truth that we want you to focus on now. It can be in the small as well as in the large. It is always good to start with yourself. Stand up for your own truth. Be true to yourself. Then you also are true to the world. It is easy to absorb other people’s opinions and utterances, but it is your truth that should be at the center for you. No one more than you know how it sounds. No one more than you have been in your shoes.

Understand that you have your own truth, while there is a universal truth. Everything is connected, we are all one. Please help each other, but do not try to convince anyone that your truth is right, when you do not know the other’s truth. The universal truth however, we can never compromise on. It just “is” in light and truth.

See you in truth.

With so much love