Love is our new reality

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Lady Nada via Susan Sammarco, November 1st

Lady Nada

November 1st, 2015

Channel: Susan Sammarco

I am a Lady Nada. I have been with this group many times over the past two years and it’s great to have the opportunity to have more of a reach out into the world.

All of you, all of you are here now as teachers. All of you who had the conversation in the room before this event started at this time have great topics to discuss of attachment, what is holding you .

What I want to share with you today is out of Love. There are many who are selling their talents, selling their books, selling their works to help people ascend. We laugh a little at this for this is a natural process. Those of you who have been listening to the words that have come through all of those that have spoken the last two years in Ancient Awakenings have heard this. Those of you who listen to Hollow Earth and hear brother Zorra know this. It is not necessary to go and to listen to other teachers.

We are not afraid of that but it is worth discernment. Discernment: do you resonate to their information? It is not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars to make sure that you ascend. This is a process.

The process we have discussed is a natural process. Even though those of you who have felt various symptoms of ascension rising, they have moved through your body. They come at various parts of your body that may be affected. It is a natural process. As this planet moves through parts of the universe everything upon her changes. Everything upon her the living beings are changing. Yes, we have shared that there are those who are ahead of the process in the Light Worker community. There are those who are in the middle of the process who may just be awakening and there are those who are lagging behind. But it is a natural process.

If your body requires more food – listen. If your body requires less food – listen. We have said for the times that we have spoken through this one, Susan, eat what your body asks for. Listen. Do not judge. Do not be attached. For those who are of Light Worker fiber you are being led you, are being guided. Listen.

This is the time unlike any before. There are so many here to support you and love you. There are so many here who are walking with you. You do, as my Complement Sananda said, have new dreams, have new expressions, see new colors and hear new sounds. All of this is a process. It is natural. And as this journey continues on you will find yourself enrolled as teachers. You will find yourself enrolled as support buddies. You will find yourself enrolled as assistants. Remember always that this is a process. It is natural and that everything upon this planet that is in the 3-D body existence is going through it.

There was conversation before the meeting upstairs about all of the images coming through YouTube of strange animal friends and protectors. The lion is laying down with the lamb. This is happening and is part of the process.
Take joy every day. Be in gratitude …
Be in gratitude!
Each day the opportunity to serve for those who hold their space of the Light is evident. Each day you have opportunities. Take them. Take them to meditate and to feed your belief systems into the mass consciousness. Take your time each day to reach out to another along the day when you are out in the world, and be in gratitude. As much as possible be in gratitude about that which you seem to see on the world stage for it is not real. It is not what is happening.

Those of you who have spent time, I am not going to go through a biography at the moment but I have my hands in many pots and I will tell you, everything is exactly where it needs to be. Be in gratitude. As you bring forth this New World from believing, from feeding, from feeding others, you can be in gratitude.

This is my message today. Sananda and I are so thankful for the opportunity to serve all of you in ways that will only be noted fully when we are walking with each other hand-in-hand and sharing love in gratitude.
Have a wonderful day, and wonderful week, a wonderful New World. Blessings.