Love is our new reality

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Lady Quan Yin via Ann Dahlberg, October 25th, 2017

Lady Quan Yin

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Quan Yin and I send my greetings to all the people of the world. I am here today to thank all you souls for holding on to your decision to ascend with Mother Earth. There is joy and happiness in the heavens today because there are so many souls that are on their way to ascend with Mother Earth. The heart of Mother Earth is full of love and joy when she sees that so many of her children are striving for the light.

Look into the distance all you children of the Earth. See far into the distance and you will see where you are heading. Look up into the sky and see beyond your senses and you will be able to feel the new world that right now is in the process of being rebuilt on your Earth. You will have to let the old matrix fall down in order to see the new one. This is also true for your bodies. You are so shaped and formed from childhood by the old matrix’s laws and dogma that you find it hard to see beyond, otherwise you would already have discovered that the world has changed. You would have discovered that the sun shines brighter, that the birds chirp louder, that the people are more loving and have a greater compassion than you ever had thought was possible. You are being fed with so much fear, but inside you resides that which is true and beautiful, that so many people now start to show also in their outer expressions.

You are loving and beautiful beings. You all have this gift within you, so why would you be afraid to go within and find it? The fear is triggered on you from the outside. If you had been subjected to equally much love the world would have looked completely different today. It would have been permeated by togetherness and unity. There would always have been a helping hand for those that needed it. Your own being of who you really are would have come forward and taken the largest place in your lives. It is here that you stand and balance now dear children on Earth. You are right now about to tilt the balance towards the side of love for yourselves. Your authentic selves are starting to see its light and to come forward from their hideouts. It has been a long wait, but now you are finally there to resume your place on Earth again, and we are most grateful and happy for this.

Free and happy souls is what our Earth needs today in order for its surface to recover from all the negativity it has been made to endure and the same is true for your bodies dear children on Earth. They also need to be looked after and receive the care and love they need. All is one so everything needs to be cleansed, cared for, and loved. All the care you give to a loved child you also need to give to yourselves. You are worth all the love you can receive dear children on Earth, and we send you lots of love from up here so that you will understand how loved and valuable you really are. Take care of yourselves now and take care of Mother Earth who in all ways possible has tried to take care of you. You are beyond all limits of love, so stand straight and understand how valuable and loved you really are. It is in your love that you change the world and you are doing it right now – right in this now moment, as there are no other moments.

I am Quan Yin who right now pours love over you and sprinkle rose petals on your feet in order for you to remember the love within yourselves. There are many Lotus flowers that now have opened up, but there is a whole army of more Lotus flowers ready to open up with an ever so slight hint from you.

Listen to your heart, it beats for you, it whisper about love and joy. It wishes to partake I this your life.


Quan Yin



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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