Love is our new reality

Lady Venus via Kerstin Eriksson, February 1st, 2019

Lady Venus; Second coming!

I am Lady Venus,
I am a Mother of Earth,
and I love you dearly!
Shame on you, dear, did you think for one second that I didn´t care about you?
I am with you for every heartbeat, and for every breath that you take!
So what I am really doing right now?
I am here to talk to you about an important thing!
Many write about this now and many have written about it for centuries.
And yet we are here now!
The time has arrived when things are shifting, to the better!
I have talked about this on several occasions and now I will,
emphasise, that there is nothing to be scared about.
Everything evolves, every living being in this universe moves
upwards in their lifespiral. This movement is something that happens to all, on your planet!
The more you let go of old fears, the easier it will be to follow the movement, in your spiral!
Just be, and love yourself, and know that love is the only true energy and it will heal everything!
The love energy is eternal, just as your soul, and I will just have to say that some of you are very afraid of these new energies, and that hinders you.
Every tree, every flower, every little insect, every dog and cat and every little cloud, all is going through this evolving process, you are not alone!
The clouds does not worry! The cats already know! The dogs play and have a good time anyway! And what about the second coming?
Love is the motor!
Love makes you move in your spiral!
Fear stops you from moving in your spiral.
Do you have faith?
What do you believe in?
When you take the leap of Faith
and truly trust Love, then you are moving upwards perfectly!
The second coming is about awakening to the inner Christ!
Jesus lands within, in every heart that loves Jesus!
Love will make it possible, the only energy that is eternal!
So there a two important things that are entwined, first it is your own process as a lightworker, and your development into growing within your own lightspiral, and the second thing is when you come to a certain point in your personal ascension, you will discover that Jesus are waiting for you and welcoming you! The Christ consciousness that is what is happening!
Faith is an universal energy, just as hope and love.
These energies comes from the source of love in a universe far from your own universe.
Faith was kidnapped for many years and now Faith is free!
So do not worry, be happy, and lay your troubles on me and your universal guides that loves you, and enjoy your spiritual journey and development.
Love is the ticket, as well as faith, hope and joy,
and if you are extra interested in your development,
just say a prayer and I will assist you if you have any questions!
I love you