Sananda via Beatrice Madsen, February 2nd, 2019


February 2nd, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


I want to communicate to you the power of prayer, dearly beloveds.

Ever since what you call the modern society with its emphasis on all things scientific as the absolute truth the belief in the spiritual reality and to pray to it has been considered as superstition. Many of you have prayed in secret as you are afraid of being ridiculed and considered stupid if ever it came to the attention of your neighbor what you do when you pray.

This is the result of faction that want you to feel that you are separated and isolated and without the ability to be in touch with your higher self, your ever accompanying guides, the kingdom of angels and so on.

They have managed to get you to feel stupid, powerless and backwards oriented if you pray. They have also managed to make sure that we cannot always interfere as you have free will and we are there directly if you pray to us.

When you wake spiritually the knowingness will arrive that you are not separated and that everything is One. This knowingness does not arrive overnight, but gradually this deep insight will override your being. In this process you will need our help and I tell you truthfully to PRAY my beloveds. PRAY and we will help you over difficult thresholds, send you support when you least suspect it, helping your gaze to lift up towards the light.

You are not weak because you pray to us to help you. On the contrary you are very wise since you know that we exist and want to help you, but with your permission. Think about how you ask each other for help, how you help your neighbor. We can see this, I can see this and want to be allowed to help you. I am here for you and my highest wish is to meet you – that you receive me with an open heart and let me see into your soul. I love you just as you are, with darkness and light, your strengths and weaknesses. My love is so enormous that it is not comprehensible for you being, other than to get a glimpse of it. But, then let me give you this glimpse. I love you more than my life and have given you my life in order for you to be reborn.


With love, Sananda




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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