Jerzy: This is a wonderful time for Humanity

Machinery of Global Reset is moving forward at 100 miles now.

Currency changes are going on.

It is all beginning.

Banks received final docs and has issued a clearance which allows paymaster to get funds within the next 24 hours and then we will receive their first funds for the infrastructure.

Royals and Chinese Family are releasing funds for Humanity.

The System we are in will be changing. Common Law will come in and fair tax system for the people. It is to be done as quickly as possible.

Made in the USA label will be sought after .. Amazing time for the people of the USA.

Royals and Chinese family are both saying the same thing about the GCR.

Will: Rumor mill is in high gear. Loads of misinformation.

Doug: The USA will be restored to the organic Constitution.. and then we will see other countries following and doing the same thing.

Won’t see the news in Cabal controlled media.. Look for information in Chinese papers, Vietnam papers.. etc.

Will: We are going to see Abundance on the planet like we have never seen before.





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