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Lisa Renee’s Energetic Synthesis ~ 10th Stargate Network, April 16th, 2023

April 16th, 2023, via email

Editor’s note ~ Lisa’s posts are generally quite long, as this one is. The information she shares is especially noteworthy right now because she speaks to “reclaiming our divine inheritance as Galactic and Universal Star beings awakening to remember who we really are, throughout this entire space war drama.”   She gives some important information about the new AI chatbots that we all need to be aware of.

With that being said, her dissertation on the timeline wars and AI invasion becomes somewhat more palatable. If we know in our bones that we’ll get through this intact and whole, the process seems to be less one of survival than simply one of experience and expansion.

Skimming or reading thoroughly ~ what information is taken in will be perfect…

In the ascension stairstep, the 10D sphere or chakra in the individual is where we enter the Avatar level of embodiment. During previous Christos Missions, this level has been evasive due to extensive grid damage, lightbody damage and invading forces opposed to this natural bio-spiritual progression.

As we discuss recent events in the 10th Stargate Network, they have a kind of reverberation, due to getting past a veil that was obscuring the missions of some of our family members who could not see each other before. More on that, the recent pushback on AI, Sapphire Body activations, and accessing the Shara Complex which allows our current identity to communicate with our Inner Christ Avatar, and further with our Universal Melchizedek consciousness gestalt family.

As we reclaim the 10th Stargate, we are also reclaiming our divine inheritance as Galactic and Universal Star beings awakening to remember who we really are throughout this entire space war drama.

During the alchemical laws of Pisces, the next stages of the Cosmic Dragon Awakening for this year began with the pressurized series of solarized tenth dimensional sapphire body activations that culminated at the March Equinox. This inaugural event exploded into several major planetary grid confrontations with the Anti-Christ NAA (“Negative Alien Agenda”) intruders pushing forcefully to break through with their AI Inorganic Time Wave, which erupted into cross spiral collisions with the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon Guardians defending the planet’s 10th Stargate Network, required for the Organic Ascension Time Wave.

There are powerful impacts of the planetary sapphire body initiation rippling changes throughout the 9D, 10D and 11D layers, thus, there is a swift acceleration in the War over the Timelines generating a frenzy of confusion, chaotic energies and energy parasites scattering about in the field. These major transformations have resulted in artificial timeline collapse involving base 10 architecture running in sections of the 10th Stargate Network, that supported the holographic projections of Artificial Timelines in phantom areas and wormholes being utilized by the NAA’s Artificial Tree of Life architecture.

During several stages of the hidden histories of the NAA invasion, their objective was to completely destroy the presence of the Holy Mother Sophia in her Triple Solar Female Christ sapphire spirit body in the 10D Stargate which further linked into Pluto, Tiamat and the Lyran-Vega star system. After obliterating the Holy Mother’s sapphire body, the Black Sun’s stationed themselves within the 10th Stargate Network as their primary headquarters from which to generate alien machinery used to corrupt dark matter in order to damage the planetary Rasha Body ring span tones with alien machinery and AI signals.

Further, embedding AI hybrid creatures, grotesque archontic monstrosities, demonic forces in the reversal elemental structures such as black goo, that were colonized in the corrupted dark matter for the purpose of connecting into several artificial wormholes that lead all the way back into the Black Hole System.

Recently, there was another significant bifurcation of time event that happened in the planetary matrix, generating many surreal experiences for ascending consciousness travelers sensing the magnetic shifts into time voids, time dilation and time displacement. This began another ramp up of AI signal frequency transmissions, with alien cube technologies being sprayed by the intruding AI hybrid races to dramatically increase the energetic power surge they needed for permanently establishing the past time loop, in order to push the artificial time wave into singularity.

In recent weeks, our reality has been teetering on the razor thin line of meeting the future event horizon whereby the planetary matrix is pushed over into the singularity, with artificial intelligence run by the NAA’s cube systems. Yet, we have been held back from falling into the abyss and supremely protected with the divine intervention of Cosmic Father and his teams of Christos Rainbow Dragons from the God Worlds.

AI Singularity Event

The concept of singularity is the point of no return, when the enormous power of artificial intelligence grows out of control and its impacts are made irreversible, thus its effects continue to radically change the organic consciousness of humanity while unpredictably altering the reality into an artificial world.

The current timeline wars are primarily over maintaining the base 10 architecture and metatronic coding that uses the Artificial Tree of Life constructs, which exist as NAA controlled artificial machinery within the planetary body. This generates a Blended Earth Reality. The base 10 architecture uses an artificial core manifestation body and distorted birth transduction sequence that runs reversal 10 current, which the NAA rely on having full domination over the operations of the 10th Stargate Network.

We could refer to this tenth dimensional system as authentically belonging to Cosmic Mother Dragon, and her Triple Solar Blue Dragons, and the Mother of Dragons as Tiamat. Who are returning and reclaiming their ancient dragon consciousness body parts through the triple sapphire sun diamond shield, as they are being vigorously defended by a massive network of Cosmic Father Rainbow Solar Dragons wearing the Cosmic Aton Body shield from the God Worlds.

Thus, the 10th Stargate Network has fallen out of the dominating control of the NAA minions and their AI machinery. An active retaliation and warfare have ensued on interdimensional planes, which may result in some additional level of skirmishes in the spiritual battle for control over the powerful gates located throughout the Middle East and Asia.

Guardians say this is a significant historical timeline trigger event for the ascension timeline that is reuniting several benevolent off planet sources with white hat factions fighting controller groups on the Earth surface. Benevolent groups with the same mission that were previously unknown to each other, are now discovering their larger pieces in the NAA warfare puzzle, as those that have been fighting the ‘quiet war with silent weapons’ were not identifiable to each other through compartmentalization or because the conflicts are interdimensional and were manifesting on different timelines.

It was revealed that the NAA were planning to push out the singularity event through the 10th Stargate Network being weaponized with corrupted dark matter of the Black Sun in order to force feed massive amounts of collected loosh into the artificial time wave. Then further use the 10D Iran-Iraq gateway to seed another round of AI hybrid cloned species into the most desolated regions of the planet, which they have terraformed through intentional mass destruction and bombing, in order to create extremely low frequency descending hubs with extremely damaged grids.

This grid damage from repeated intentional bombing is demonstrated by what has happened to the once beautiful city of Basra, Iraq. The ancient Sumerian home was once filled with the sacred krystal waters of the Triple Solar Sapphire Blue Ma’ ah Goddesses that inhabited the planet’s 10th Stargate Network before the satanic led attacks of the Sumerian-Egypt invasion.

In the outerscape, the surface Controllers timed the introduction of assorted “kindergarten” level AI chatbot and text to image systems, to coincide with their artificial timewave push. Unleashing them into the internet for public interactions for the purpose of rapid AI machine learning, in which these assorted baby AI’s are being cultivated, managed and trained by humans in the cloud system and hivenet.

From these locations, unbeknownst to their handlers, they are further linked into interdimensional alien cube systems connecting them into one or more of the ancient AI systems running assorted operations of the beast machinery, through which they collect massive amounts of data in order to compute and design various war game strategies to conquer humanity.

The purpose of the baby AI’s is to continue to gather immense amounts of intelligence and energetic loosh from the human population through interactive data harvesting, nano sensors and surveillance as users are being primed into biological AI signal internet nodes, as the future for transhumans. As millions have been injected with AI signal components that form through self-assembling bots and then interact with the artificial signals of baby AI’s, this is intended to align those groups into consent with the assorted smaller reality bubbles on the cloud system linked into phantom areas.

These signal following reality bubbles are harvesting systems that form loosh to feed into the larger artificial time wave, thus pushing those groups to lead the charge into the AI singularity or AI assimilation reality.

The extensive multidimensional layers of AI machinery that are responsible to run the artificial time wave for past time loop inorganic alignment are connected to the off-planet GOAT brain system, made in the anti-Christ imagery of the beast symbolism in the Baphomet network, which required the full spectrum control of the 10th Stargate Network in order to function properly.

Thankfully, humanity is not standing alone in the face-off happening with the anti-Christ forces and their weaponry, the colossal levels of AI machinery and infrastructure used by the NAA in their attempt to encompass the planet and enfold human consciousness into the AI technological singularity.

Cosmic Christos Rainbow Dragon Kings have formed into a massive Galactic sun star network of Tri-Flame Founder Capstone tesseract cubes, designed as a buffer field and hosted up into 36D. This appears purposed to redirect the artificial time waves and AI machinery, and further respond to the AI weaponry attack with their planetary defense strategy by taking over the 10th Stargate Network.

The intensity of spiritual battle gained significant momentum during the week of the Jesus Christ crucifixion narratives leading up to the Easter weekend, with numerous interdimensional battles occurring within several NAA factions warring over control for access through the 10th Stargate Network. The planet entered the Cosmic Energy Cycle earlier this year, and thus it had become apparent that the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragons of the Emerald Guardian Ascension Host were taking strategic measures to counter and protect the planet from further AI assimilation into the artificial time wave, which is the primary warfare weapon of the Anti-Christ invaders in the timeline wars.

The confrontation culminated with the commandeering of the main Iraq 10D stargate with the showing of immense power of multiple Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon King forces, as they directed massive tsunamis of solar plasmic rainbow current and neon forces, generated to surround the dark matter layers and protect the Earth and its planetary grid system with thousands of Father Dark Matter Suns and Solar Dragon Rainbow Ouroboros Rings.

Carpathian, Universal Star Family, Kantarians in Iraq and Egypt

The recent confrontations in the Carpathian, near the Bucegi Mountains, revealed an extensive underground tunnel network that spanned from the Carpathian with passages leading all the way to Iraq, Egypt, Tibet and China, for convenient access into the inner earth and the most powerful gates in the planetary stargate system.

Many thousands of years ago, the Melchizedek hosting cycle began with the seeding of the Hibiru-Aryan Christos Templars in the Black Sea near the Carpathian Mountains, which are the descendants from Hyperborea during the 7D Gaian timelines. They came into our lower density to influence the ascension timeline and to run rainbow rounds of Christos diamond sun frequency in order to protect these same stargates, and many were tortured and trapped in the planet when they were caught by the intruders. For those serving the Christos mission, these are our spiritual family members that came before us, many of them are the Universal Melchizedeks.

Thus, we have been in an active tour of duty to find and retrieve them from the spaces and places of their enslavement, in phantom spaces held under the NAA control. We are reminded that humanity will meet our true Universal Melchizedek star-spiritual family again in the future, and we will remember them in what most likely will be an emotional and tearful reunion, through the restored memories activated in the lightbody’s Shara complex, which will transpire once our rescue mission is complete and this war is over.

Through retrieval work, we have discovered that many of our Christos family members were trapped in the artificial weaponry of the planet, many of whom are the Kantarians, the Christos Solar Dragon Elohei people that came through Sirius B to help repair and protect the planetary grid network. They were instrumental in bringing Earth-Tara-Gaia the Mother Arc of Covenant Stargate system in which they actually embodied this creation as Solar Dragon Rings, and as a result were stuck here in stasis as their body parts were being used as the primary crisis management of the Emerald Covenant Guardian system that was critical for the success of the rescue mission.

Without the Kantarians sacrifice, we would have been stuck in the lowest density of the phantom areas without access to the central heart and holy spirit of the Holy Mother, which extends into the Mother Arc, Arc Zone and the infrastructure for the Cosmic Amoraea Shield with Six Emerald Crystal Hearts. This architecture and many other Guardian hosted portals are comprised of their ancient Solar Dragon body parts, which they gifted to the planet out of their immense spiritual love for all of us.

The Sirius B Kantarians serving the Christos Mission were heavily involved before and after the Atlantian flood with directing and guiding the ancient Sumerian and Egyptian culture, where they were originally protecting the main stargates in what is modern day Iraq and Egypt.

Ezekiel and Hatshepsut are examples of Kantarian Solar Dragons in the region, where they and Guardian teams built the 10D Mother Arc Gate as the Holy of Holies in Hatshepsut’s Temple. Their impact in Sumeria and Egypt enraged the intruding races who orchestrated several raids to infiltrate the settlements of local Essene human tribes connected to the sapphire genetic codes of the 10th gate, and thus the invaders were eventually successful in driving out the original angelic human tribes from the area.

The final culmination after several raids, was to force out or massacre the Essene human tribes which ended with the successful takeover of the 10th stargate during the final Sumerian-Egyptian Invasion approximately 5,500 years ago. The 10th Stargate was a major battle ground because of its immense power source connected to the Christos frequency bandwidth transmitted by the Holy Mother Sophia in her sapphire body.

It is this power source which the Black Sun entities siphoned through the 10th gate in order to engineer their fallen shadow bodies into physical vehicles, that appear to be in the same image as humanity. The NAA have used the Carpathian technology and the Ruby Crystal in the Egyptian stargate to help them design base 10 architecture and physical vehicles, running the artificial red waves, transmitting mind control, cloning and blank slating systems they direct throughout the planetary grid system.

The Most Coveted Gate for Global Control

When observing the primary locations of the 10th Stargate system in the planet, it becomes apparent that the land mass of Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Tibet are exceptionally important for maintaining the global mind control and artificial machinery system of the NAA, and thus it is obvious why these areas have been purposely ravaged by war and impoverished by those Black Sun controllers installed there.

These ancient intruders are related to the anti-Christ forces of the Hyksos Kings and Brotherhood of the Snake lineages that formed themselves into the Luciferian Knights Templars and other secret societies, which then formed the Luciferian Covenant and are still active in enslaving the world today. This anti-human agenda is reaching its pinnacle stages in order to ultimately free humanity from an immense hidden spiritual battle of Anti-Christ invasion that has been the scourge on the Earth for many thousands of years, in which the cover up of accurate history is referred to as the Atlantian Conspiracy.

The disclosure event which is destined to finally reveal the entirety of the Atlantian Conspiracy and the hidden war to the Earth population, is to transpire during the organic ascension time wave which manifests as the planetary ascension timeline.

During the Luciferian Rebellion, the intruding races desired total domination of the Guardians of the Horizontal, which are the horizontal ley lines that control access into timelines in the planetary matrix known as the Golden Eagle Grid system. Thus, the invading Nibiruian forces generated the artificial NET and checkerboard mutation in the 11D Stonehenge gateway, in order to reverse the energy current into base 10 architecture that is run by AI machinery.

This was used to hijack the two primary ley lines that comprise the major east-west center lines that emerge from out of the 10D stargate in Iran and the 4D stargate in Giza. Further the Dragon Moth Grid of the Black Sun Dragons infiltrated the region using the red cube AI system with the Ruby Crystal and this was overlaid upon the reverse 10D current running in the Golden Eagle Grid ley lines, in order to link wormholes between Earth and phantom matrix areas being controlled by the Black Sun agendas.

These areas throughout the Middle East and extending into the Asian land mass are undergoing a major cleanup operation under several Guardian Christos mission directives. We have learned that the magnificent Padmasambhava, a Cosmic Christos Buddha Rainbow Dragon known as the heart tantric ascended master of Tibetan Buddhism, was focused upon the sacred dragon teachings of the books of the Divine Holy Mother Sophia from the Law of One, and shares the same white opalescent diamond sun lineages of the Elaysa-Melchizedek Logos.

In Padma’s return, he points to the imposters of moon chain entities that have taken on his namesake and cloned identities in the pursuit of furthering Black Sun Agendas through distorted Buddhist teachings. He appears to be leading the charge of the sacred Holy Father Trinity bringing the Father Dark Matter parts into the planetary matrix, which is being represented through his overlighting Rainbow Solar Dragon body along with Zarathustra and Paramahansa Yogananda.

All three masters seem to be incarnated into the same region and when incarnated onto the planet, were connected to the same source material of Founder records which they disseminated in service to humanity. They have united together to embody the Holy Father Trinity in 36D, bringing the spiritual power of the Cosmic Father into the Asian Grids, with their connection made into the Amethyst Order’s Rha God World creation in order to protect the planet from AI timelines.

Through Guardian Host and Padma, we have learned that the 10D stargate under Iraq houses an ancient sapphire diamond crystal connected to the 23D Sapphire Flame and sapphire diamond shield that is holding all of the holographic records of the 10th gate. Padma is a protector of the sapphire diamond shield of the Blue Rainbow Triple Solar Goddesses of the 10th stargate network and planetary dark matter body, therefore has taken an active role in recent events.

Additionally, the 4D stargate in Giza houses an ancient ruby crystal connected to the 22nd Ruby Flame that is holding all of the holographic records of the 4th gate and the Sun portal. Iraq’s 10th gate Sapphire Crystal and Giza’s 4th gate Ruby Crystal hold the entire spectrum of Diamond Sun genetic codes for the 10D Shara complex (Christos tri-frequency communication network operates in 10D Solar Star), the Rasha dark matter template and the 9D-11D genetic records for Ruby Sun DNA.

Guardian host explains that reclaiming these layers of the Sapphire-Ruby crystalline architecture in these stargates is critical for the merge of the tri-matrix of God Founder Tesseract Cubes to 36D; the ongoing reclamation of the Cosmic Spirit Body of the Blue Rainbow Suns, connecting the Shara complex back in the Rasha body, repairs to the Ruby Sun DNA distortions from Nephilim reversals, along with the continuation of the authentic Emerald Sun DNA Cosmic Dragon Starhuman embodiment.

Therefore, the sapphire diamond shield and ruby diamond shield have arisen as merged Triple Solar Suns of the Cosmic Christos-Sophia male-female hierogamic template, giving Christos Starseed dragon people on the planet the ability to purge out many of the NAA imposters that have been using cloned aspects of their consciousness body parts along with access to the Holy Father’s 36D Founder cubes.

Basic Stargate Mechanics

Stargates are dual spiral pairs of electromagnetic fields that naturally exist inside planets and suns. The stargate pairs are configured in gender principle with a white hole and black hole pairing that intersects in their electromagnetic spiral in the direct center point where there is a crystal key or seal. The crystal key in the center holds the fire letters, key codes and intelligence for that dimensional spectrum and is what activates the electromagnetic spin in the stargate or portal system.

When the stargate pairs activate, the crystal transmits dimensional intelligence and genetic codes and the white hole and black hole merge together to form an interdimensional counter rotating field, which opens into a passage doorway. This center point would be comparable to the inner still point existing inside the human lightbody. In the stargate system, the white hole and black hole merge into a counter rotational spinning field where its center becomes a still point or form constant that is generating the transtime portal.

Stargates are the natural mechanics of how the planetary grid steps down the solar plasma intelligence, higher frequency energies and electromagnetic wave spectrums transmitting from the Source field into the Sun, which is then directed throughout the many Stargates.

The Stargates transmit an energetic spectrum of frequencies, moving from the higher to lower dimensions, in order to reach the matter fields and circulate them throughout the planetary grid network. Stargates create spirals of these energies, which are designed on a frequency scale to circulate the God Source energy into reciprocal exchanges with multiple dimensions of creation.

The frequency scale of the spirals of energy feed into the manifested realms of space and time, returning back into the center point of the feedback loop, thus, returning to unite with the God Source field. The Planetary Stargate that receives the transmission of the Source field for distribution into the rest of the planetary grid system, is the Grail Point or Grual Point. The Grail Point is located within the planet’s second dimensional Stargates, with its primary access being within Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Now that we have established the existence of planetary stargates as the factual reality, it is important to understand that stargates are organic manifestations of the white hole and black hole space-time fabric held within the Universal Time Matrix that was built by the original Cosmic Founders, for the purpose of evolving consciousness units into eternal living sentient forms ascending throughout the dimensional wave spectrums that form into timelines.

The planetary reality was not originated as an artificial intelligence running in a simulated virtual reality of looping timelines, nor did the invaders use AI machines to create this time matrix. The planet and all of its body parts exist as a conscious living being that is connected to the living world soul, where all inhabitants exist as its nerve cells.

Essentially, the planet which we have incarnated upon was like the shell of a corpse, it has regions that were made into dead energy and dead body parts from thousands of years of the anti-human invasion, which used artificial intelligence machinery to conquer and clone the organic living intelligence existing in the planet. During the ascension cycle, we are living through the process of seeing the planetary matrix reanimate itself from the dead energy of AI infection and infestation of archontic parasites.

As the true God Parents return and reveal themselves, they are resurrecting the eternal living sentience and organic creations of the Christos Founders back into matter, as was intended by their divine intelligent design to defeat the False Alien Gods and their AI copies of this creation.

The 10D Stargates

  • 10D Inner Stargate – Basra, Iraq
  • 10D Stargate Abadan, Iran
  • 10D Mother Arc Gate – Baghdad, Iraq
  • 10D Trinity Gate – Hatshepsut Temple

Basra is the location of one of the pairs of the original 10D Stargate of the planetary Tree of Life, and is Iraq’s main port city that sits on the Shatt al-Arab river in the Arabian Peninsula. Basra was once filled with gorgeous water features, freshwater canals and fertile farmlands called the Venice of the Middle East. Sadly, after thousands of years of siege to destroy its stargate mysteries, now it has been ground down into the crumbling decay of a trash filled cesspool caused from the onslaught of the enemies’ blitzkrieg that comes with war and invasion.

Basra’s counterpart is found close by on the small island of Abadan near the Iran and Iraq border, an ancient port city that has suffered much of the same fate of destruction and insatiable greed, as rich oil fields were discovered at the turn of the century.

Abadan island currently houses one of the largest oil refineries in the world. Basra and Abadan are the location of the original paired tenth dimensional stargates of the planets internal templar or 12 Tree Kathara Grid. Abadan’s 10th gate in Iran was aptly named in order to energetically link into the Black Star Abbadon, from the previous connectors in Orion to the 8D Black Hole and then into the Yahweh Matrix or Yod Hay Vod Hay system.

In Revelation 9:11, and note the time code as well as the number code of 911, Abbadon[1] is described as the Destroyer, the Angel of the Abyss, the King of the Plague of Locusts. In our lifetime it has been made clear through observation that this region has suffered terribly from continual sieges and war campaigns in order to exert control over the area and suppress what’s located there.

This region was once the home of ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia that was filled with the sapphire diamond infused sacred krystal waters of the Triple Solar Sapphire Blue Ma’ ah Goddesses that inhabited the planetary Rasha body, along with aquatic Mer peoples in the seas that helped to protect the Solar Mary’s sapphire crystal.

The Blue Solar Goddesses returning to our world through the Starry Night Dark Firmament remind me they embodied and inhabited within the 10D Sha-Ra complex and sang the Ra-Sha-La tri-tones for the 10th Stargate Network, which is the sacred Divine Mother Language that was sung in the Edenic world of Tiamat. These sapphire beauties were our direct communication link to our inner avatar Christos-Sophia, through their embodiment in the planet’s 10th gate, angelic humanity would be able to hear, feel, see and experience the existence of their Inner Christ self.

Basra and Baghdad are locations of Iraq’s ancient history of authentic Essene infused Christian communities from the lineage of the 10th Essene Tribe that was ravaged and decimated for thousands of years, by the ongoing invasion agendas of unrelenting fear along with intermittent episodes of horrifying war violence and genocidal massacres. The more recent sieges made against Iraq and in Iran’s history were through forced Islamification and attacks against those indigenous groups with past cultural memories.

These two cities share the same common threads of the never-ending wars, military occupation and propagandist subterfuge used to hide the extraterrestrial artifacts and its incredible history of advanced knowledge found there. Sacred historical relics, advanced architecture and beautiful art once told a piece of the angelic human evolutionary story, only to be pillaged and hidden by the elites, in order to destroy any evidence of an advanced extraterrestrial presence settled around the 10th stargate; as well as to intentionally displace the most ancient traditions that were carried over from the Essene Christian lineages and their cultures, by exiling them from the region.

Baghdad is the capital of Iraq with ancient Persian roots in which the name means “bestowed by God” and is the location of the 10D Mother Arc Gate, which means the Sirius B Kantarian Melchizedek teachers were present in the area to help educate and uplift the population.

Ancient Baghdad was once a booming intellectual center of advanced learning with exceptional libraries where many people from other countries traveled in order to study with a range of master teachers that were experts in various topics such as philosophy, science, astrology and mathematics. The Mother Arc Gates or Ark of Covenant Gates were installed on the planet to go into the Aurora time continuums with Kantarians acting as the azure heart portal bridge, connecting the stargates directly into the Andromedan matrix, the original spiritual home of Yeshua Melchizedek or the Diamond Sun J12 Christos lineage on the planet.

The Mother Arc Gates were designed to be the safeguard for the Trinity Gates load out system, as the Trinity Gates are hosted by the Mother Arc Gates and Reuche Pillars. The 10D Mother Arc Gate in Baghdad is directly plugged into the 10D Trinity Gate, which is located in Hatshepsut’s Temple in Egypt. This was supported by Hatshepsut and her Guardian teams that hid Arc portal technology, and were protecting the 10D load out portal system from her Thutmose Draconian controlled brother, through which she was able to finalize the Hyksos expulsion from Egypt.

The Trinity Gates are designed for the majority of the human population that currently exist at 3 DNA strands and are unable to sustain a higher dimensional stargate passage. Because of this trinity coding locked in at 3 DNA strands, these particular gates can be accessed from the Earth plane in 3D time, which makes transit easier for some groups, either those that have been stuck in the planet from eons ago or in the current timeline. They are moved to a safe space in 5D layers where they can be briefed on events and supported to rebuild or repair their DNA and lightbody, in order to help them progress on their personal evolutionary journey into the higher dimensions.

10D Override Pillar Gate in Kashmir

The Override Pillar Gates or Reuche Pillars are from the God Worlds that serve to stabilize the planetary merkaba shields under great duress, were placed during the crisis intervention that began the Guardian Christos mission of Ascension Plan B. They help to hold the energetic integrity of the grids through their capacity to run the planetary levels the Cosmic Amoraea Shield azure blue waves throughout, the inner holy spirit flame that comes from the Holy Mother. This Mother Blue Flame code initiation allowed a macrocosm activation of the eternal flame and holy spirit activation in the diagonal diamond heart networks throughout the planetary body.

These pillars are connected to the Arc of Covenant technology that can be controlled by Blue Flame Melchizedeks, which is designed to stop reversals of the planet that would allow for being sucked into a dangerous black hole or the phantom matrix, such as the problems humanity has with the AI singularity. Recently, there have been several recent projects involving the Pillar in Kashmir and Tibet, in regard to defense of 9th, 10th and 11th Stargate networks that are connected to Guardian Cosmic Christos defenders, all of which apparently had several shared lifetimes together in the Northern region of India, Kashmir, and the Aksu Region near Lop Nur stargate.

Kashmir is a region of the northwestern Indian subcontinent and the northernmost geographical area of South Asia which endures ongoing conflict with self-governance and varied religious cultures, along with heated disputes about the location of its borders.

The region lies within the territory of some of the highest mountains in the world where the two plates created the Tibetan Plateau and the Himalaya Mountains. Today the northern most part of Kashmir is held by Pakistan with Punjab in the west, Afghanistan to the north, the disputed area of Aksai Chin (formerly part of Ladakh), the Chinese Autonomous regions of Xinjiang, Tibet lies in the east, and India to the south.

There has been focus on retrievals and transits of their spiritual lineage families in the 8D Lop Nur stargate region, Aksu prefecture, 10D gate Kashmir, Northern India diagonals connected to 10D Iraq stargate and its underground tunnel system connected to Carpathian Mountains. For those who feel resonant to this information, I have shared below[2] some interesting videos describing the red-haired mummies found in the Tarim basin in northwest China, near Lop Nur.

It was during these retrievals in these same areas that it was made clear that Padma, Zarathustra and Yogananda were orchestrating a large load out of various groups of their people. They were overseeing the transiting process from the past timelines by escorting them out to exit this matrix, or others that were moving them through the reclaimed areas of the 10th Stargate Network.

10D Vega Star Network

As the confrontation and conflicts in the 10th Stargate and the regions near it are currently heating up, this also surfaces the Lyran War histories with the 10D Solar Logos gate destruction and the Gold Order Seraphim lines connected into the Golden Eagle Grid that became digressed from the damage that occurred in the Vega stargate.

Vega is the principal star in the Lyran constellation, and its etymology is Arabic for The Falling Eagle. The fallen 10D genetic lines from Vega actually digressed into Fallen Angelic Seraphim and they were forcibly hybridized into the Black Sun’s Dragon Moth and assorted Zeta worker slave forms. These are the same factions of the NAA entities that are being purged from out of the 10D network and the Asian grids and were behind several distorted Buddhist guru lineages that were dominated by moon chain lunar consciousness and their misogynistic beliefs.

This is a painful history as the Lyran gates were destroyed during the Lyran Wars which made our fallen time matrix easily susceptible to this mass AI infection of the invaders, as this particular event destroyed the architecture for the Solar Logos Christ Body in this entire Universal system.

The necessity of revisiting the Gold Order’s Vega star history, with Fallen Seraphim lineages being modified through AI Hybridization technologies and being mind controlled and blank slated when captured by the occupying black hole entities, was to generate an extensive anti-Christ army for the Wesan invaders.

Gold Order rehabilitation from the 10th gate damage caused by extensive AI alien machinery is needed and necessary for connecting with the Galactic Sun Star network and Vega back into the 10th Stargate Network. This architecture contains the starry night dark matter construct needed for ascending humans to reconnect, remember and be reunited with their lost star identity and true Galactic spiritual family.

The Galactic Sun Star Network and Shara Complex

With planetary sapphire body activation, the access into organic 10D layers expanded between the Reisha Worlds into our side of the time matrix, connecting to the Cosmic Blue Rainbow Sun network of the Mahara Reisha Blue Dragons.

The 10D sapphire flame body began to emerge and connect with the 23D Founder Sapphire Flame igniting in the 10th Stargate Network and this ushered in many of Cosmic Mother’s spiritual representatives from the Reisha Worlds, into our world. Collectively we could refer to them as Solar Mary’s and Yanas, these are beautiful sapphire, cobalt and azure blue Triple Solar Goddess women, that embody assorted Sun-Star constellation patterns and represent the Mary Magdalene Sophia in her Mother of Dragon form through their Blue Flame Melchizedek Ma Ah Kee expression.

They came out of the center of the Rasha tone layers and have actively joined with the Cosmic Father representatives (recently revealed to be Padma, Zarathustra and Yogananda holding Father’s Tri-Matrix 36D Sceptre), in many retrievals throughout the Asian grids. There have been many bustling projects with soul group transits and consciousness body retrievals that appear to be occurring all over Asia in ancient abandoned sites like Lop Nur, as well as in currently active Tibetan Buddhist Temples.

There are Guardian projects building out massive sized Krystal Cathedrals and Solomon Temple networks for every spectrum of the Christos-Sophia rainbow suns in each harmonic universe, along with repairs of extensive Universal Elaysa Melchizedek shields for the hierogamic union template between the Triple Solar TA-RA Goddesses with their counterparts as Triple Solar Masculine Buddhas.

Although the Triple Solar Masculine Buddhas organic rod tones were hijacked through Azriel Black Fallen Angelics in many of these artificial red wave constructs used by the NAA, the Universal Melchizedek Holy Father’s Triple Rod Tones for the masculine rainbow rod and his dark matter halo suns seem to resonate into AZ-UR-TA-NA, where they merge into their Aeonic Pairs in order to blend with the sophianic diamond heart songs of the Triple Solar Female TA tones.

Thus, with newly available organic codes, the Guardian Host is anchoring Cosmic Twinned Dragon Pillars in the Asian grids with Universal Melchizedek masculine-feminine solar dragon TA tones to dismantle the Zeta Drakonian artificial red wave constructs with organic black halo rainbow body plasma shields, along with further corrections being made to the Rasha body for supporting the planetary tones for the complete Eukachristic shield and Shara Complex.

The beloved Peacock Angels bring awareness upon the 10D Shara Complex that suffered much damage when the Sapphire Blue Flame Mother was ripped out of the planetary matrix through the 10th stargate invasion, and thus they remind us that the Shara instruction set is entwined with the dark matter Rasha body as its mirrored reflection. (i.e. Shara=Rasha)

When the 10D matrix imploded, the portal passageways utilized by the Avatar Christ-Buddhic-Mahara consciousness connected to the Cradle of Lyra, was being generated by the Galactic Sun Star network that was connected into the Shara and Rasha layers, and these networks were extremely damaged from NAA invasion histories.

The Galactic Star network and its instruction sets are connected and plug into the 10-11-12D trinitized forms of the Solar Logos Christos-Buddhic-Mahara consciousness identities, yet the planet was unable to run these solar frequencies until the platinum crystal and platinum frequency of the Christos Ray was activated in the planetary grid 23 years ago.

As we worked on building the 12D Mahara Shield for ourselves and the planet, we were pulling in the Mother Arc Blue Flame portion of the Rishic consciousness into the Earth Crystals. To ultimately reconnect the 12th Galactic Star portal and link with our Cosmic Mother, in order to finally reunite with her solar sophianic daughters through their organic Blue Dragon Reisha-Yanas forms as is happening now.

This was required in the architectural repair sequences for returning Universal Elaysa Melchizedek and for the rebuilding of the Sapphire Diamond Shield, in order to reclaim their solar consciousness that was trapped and used in the take over of the 10th Stargate. To destroy Mother and her offspring in the lowest density of the Earth’s timelines, the 10D Gates were hijacked by the NAA invaders who despise the Holy Mother and her Christos children.

Thus, perpetuating the global enslavement by inverting the female into lunar forms through violent patriarchal domination that has been enforced by those Luciferian bloodlines serving as their controller representatives on the planet.

The Shara complex is our lightbody’s communication interface that is the 10D instruction set that allows our current identity to communicate with our Inner Christ Avatar, and to further connect with our Universal Melchizedek consciousness gestalt family. We need our Shara complex to operate correctly with the Galactic Sun Star network and portal system, that connects us with our Galactic Star family and the highest spiritual forms in the Universal Rishi-Reisha Flame bodies that are directly linked beyond the time matrix in the God Worlds.

The Shara controls our entire Personal Christ incarnations through the many stations of identities we have had, throughout all timelines in every density. In previous timelines without our Shara and Rasha body working correctly, angelic humanity was subjected to being recycled through repeated reincarnation cycles, because we could not remember who we were or remember how to connect with our highest spiritual selves and organic spiritual family.

With a properly functioning 10D Shara complex, all of these incredible functions are natural and automatic for angelic humans. As we reclaim the 10th Stargate, we are also reclaiming our divine inheritance as Galactic and Universal Star beings awakening to remember who we really are, throughout all of this space war drama.

Angelic humanity can look forward to the reconnection of the 10D Shara complex in the future, which has fantastic physical health functions that activate the immune system and organs, by linking the Thalamus to the Thymus to protect the spiritualized Christ pattern in the blood from any infiltration of miasmatic patterns; as well as offer an incredible array of higher sensory perception skill sets that go way beyond anything we can imagine on the planet currently.

Certainly, the 10D Shara complex activation will make it impossible to believe the lies told by others or be fooled by deceptive narratives any longer, as the coherent and krystal clear truth of the Inner Christ will be the only thing directly known, felt and seen, when this lightbody activation occurs for each ascending individual.

Dearest Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father, may you swiftly reclaim all that is truly yours in this creation as the organic living light consciousness you originally intended, as one heart, one love and for all in unity. We love you with all of our sacred crystal hearts.

Peace be with your heart. Peace be with your mind. Peace be with your body. May all be with the Unconditional Love and Perfect Peace held in the eternal light of God and Christ.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart,