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Lord Adama via Christine Meleriessee Hayden, February 27th

Walking Terra Christa ~ Magical Thinking ~ Lord Adama Discourse

Greetings My Dearest Ones,
It is I, Lord Adama with the Telosian Counicl of Light. We are very happy to be with each of you this evening as we are working within the elements of Divine Oneness.
There are many particles that could be experienced or discussed that do not make up Divine Oneness. I am sure each of you probably understands within yourself what they may be for you. If we think of envisioning ourselves with many others of gathering together, we start to feel the heart connection from others unto ourselves and that gives us the feeling of Oneness. It is the same particle of light of bringing in your I AM Presence, bringing in the Source of Light that you are. We always start with the Higher Self first because that is the easiest higher frequency to connect with and then eventually through the Monad and I AM Presence.

Tonight I want to discuss a little bit about what is happening within the earth; the changes that are occurring, what has happened since the first of the year and how you might be adjusting with those frequencies.
As we are coming into those energies, it creates more conflict within ourselves. But how is your stabilization occurring is the true question. What is your foundation like through this process?
That is the most important element because as you go through each of these changes you are going to be creating a better foundation. When you accept something within yourself as a truth and you feel it in your physical life, you walk through it, and then it becomes you. It’s when you don’t fully accept that truth in your daily life and work upon it, utilize it and use it to its best advantage, that it becomes a problem; because it will come back to you to be work upon you again and again.
Now there maybe elements of partial frequencies of thoughts or emotions that you work upon but it won’t be the whole focus that is occurring for you.
It is important during these times to be diligent with what you are going through to really work through it from your subconscious thoughts so that they can become the super-conscious. And the changes that are happening presently are causing those elements to be addressed which can create confliction. The most important element for each of us is that we continually tune in to that higher source that we are to become that energy. It will assist you in that process.
I think that our dearest Dr. Martin Luther King, Master Altebetahn, gave to us this week truly represented that movement of how to fully bring in those energies into the self. So it is important to reflect on what you are experiencing. Every time you are part of these teachings how are you addressing them in your physical life?   What happens to you? I know that many of you have a tendency to fall asleep, many of you are not able to remember what you experienced. It is imperative to experience these energies especially for these calls, for the New Earth cities. There is so much work that is occurring for you in many different levels that it is important to be able to address it in your conscious mind. That is why you are on this program. That is why it is important for you to continually work through the issues as your life will change because of it. So this gives me the doorway to talk about “Magical Thinking.”
It is true of many individuals of humanity that sometimes you may think that the gifts from the Universe are coming to you because you are in a special place. So you say, “That was gifted to me and I am thankful.” Even something simple like a parking spot in a lot. That is the particle of light that represents not magical thinking but creation of your spirit, of the light of the universe to make that parking spot available to you. So then it becomes a physical experience.
When I speak of magical thinking of the terms of what desire to have in your life and then you think that the Universe is just going to take care of it. This happens with many, many lightworkers because of the energetic exchange of what is happening within the earth especially since 2012 as many individuals do not think they have to go any further with it. They call upon Saint Germain, Archangel Michael, Lord Metatron, the great beings of the Earth, Lord Melchizedek, possibly myself and then they expect that doorway that they have been trying to walk through to occur because that energy is coming in.
This is a fallacy only, because at this time it is more about each of you becoming the ascended beings, the ascended masters on this earth. I think a lot of this information comes through the I AM discourses. This is because when they were written in the 1950’s. The meetings occurred in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, the energy was different then. They had to prove to the initiates that magic can happen, that the doorways could be opened, and they needed assistance with those elements occurring. That is no longer the case.
In truth, each of you are those ascended beings, even though you may not feel like it. That is why you are on the pathway to create these elements to happen for you. The tools that are being given from the many masters of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light are to assist you but then for each of you to internalize that and to make it possible in your life.
Every time we give a teaching through one of these calls and you are very attracted to it, it is a tool you can utilize on your own, you should use it. That is why I ask each of you if you have the time to go back and re-listen. When the transcriptions are available, utilize reading them as they will assist. When you see the written word, read it from your Higher Self, from your I AM Presence, from your breath. What do those words represent, not just the message from the consciousness of the ascended masters but a message for you. What does it mean for you?   Print it out and highlight the areas, make affirmations from those parts that will really assist you. Then you take that focus of magical thinking into magical creation.
What is magic?
Magic represents the ability for creation of elements to come together to move, to form a process in the physical existence. What happens when you go to a space in nature you feel the flowers, your feel all those energies that is so beautiful. That is magic. This is because all of those creative forces are coming together in that moment of acceptance. And that is the light coming through the Universal exchange within the earth exchange. That is truly what magic is.
We have to take it from thinking about it into creating it. Which means: To Being It. It does not mean that you cannot have what is being shared in a message, but you have to act upon it yourself. You have to be that energy, you have to be in that breath, you have to be in that frequency and to allow that change to occur for you. Then those elements are created in your foundation. You now have accepted something that you believe in. You are seeing it occur. That creates acceptance.
Then you can say to yourself “Wow, I now see it within me, I now see it before me, and I see it happen in this moment, in my life. This is something for me to remember that I have taken that thought process of magical thinking and allowed it to be a creative process in my physical existence.”
This is when you start to move into Oneness and this is truly what all these energies represent. So it is imperative that you utilize these tools and as we go along you will find that other tools will work better for you than some.
But in the moment, what is the creative process that happens to you? What is your truth? In that moment how does it feel for you?
Your truth represents what the feeling is, what the action is, how it affects your physical life inside and outside of you – that creative process that we talk about so much. Its a out bringing that energy in and it will expand through your field.
This is what I am sharing with you to allow that expansion to occur, but you must do the work, you must create the energy. It is like when you choose to say a prayer or command for your I Am presence that you need to have a parking spot located near the door of a store, you are commanding that through your physical body, you are feeling it within your physical body, and then it becomes a reality. This is truly what we mean when we say, “You need to get out of magical thinking.” It is not bad to have those thoughts but you have to continue with the process and allow it to see it being enfolded within your own life. This is going to assist you with the changes that are occurring.
So it is a powerful time, it is very challenging time but I want you to think how this assisting you on a deeper level. What are your strengths that are appearing; what are your aspects that you have seen previously, but now you are starting to see them occur in your life. You are the Mastery of your destiny; you are the one that is making the changes.
I talked quite about last week about being impeccable and being very disciplined. This is what I am talking about. This is the truth that you will find that will help you accept what you are experiencing. Your lower mind will not assist you. Once you allow these energies to enfold within you, the processes that are occurring within your own experiences of your life path.
I am deeply honored to walk with you through this process. It is an amazing experience to watch so many of you being able to see it for what is being presented in your world. When you don’t see it know that you are not ready to see it. I will remind you to look at it continually.
Thank you very much.
Aluna, Aluna, Aluna
Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light
Integrative Channel, Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah
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