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Lord Adama via Christine Meleriessee Hayden, July 24th

Walking Terra Christa ~ Lord Adama ~ Stand-off as the Light and Dark Become One ~ A Deeper Understandingw

sky sunset_600_338
Aluna, Aluna, Aluna
It is my pleasure to be with each of you in this moment. I Am Lord Adama with the Telosian and Agarthian Councils of Light.
There are many variables of energies that are happening presently. One of them being the full moon of Capricorn in Cancer that we are actually in the midst of in these moments. The emotions can be very sensitive, open, and disruptive. That is what is happening within and around the earth plane presently.
What I want to talk about is how each of you can assist yourself to not get into those stages of turmoil, but to find emotional balance.

We just finished last week with the Pink Flame which represents Compassion and Love. Working within that ray will also assist in this process. Today we work with the Violet/Purple Flame of bringing in the Ceremonial Structure. How do you do so as an initiate? Are you able to go from the place of extreme turmoil into the place of complete balance?
We know that this is a transition and is a bridge that each of us has to walk as a soul many times over. Master Djwhal Khul called this moon “The Emotional Rebirthing Cycle” and it truly represents that energy due to the purification and cleansing within the planet at this time and within each of you.
I want each of you center upon what is occurring within you, within your breath, and to help yourself to acknowledge your own internal feelings.
It makes so much difference as an individual to understand your own feelings and what you are experiencing so that you can either accept it or deny it, change it, or transform it. These are all vibrational air waves that go between everyone – into the center of Gaia, into the core of the Source of Light, and back again through all the planetary and higher living examples within the entire system. None of us are isolated in these energies.
As a person, you are continually feeling those frequencies of light and becoming what is outside of you and inside of you. That is why we have a responsibility as initiates and ascended masters to uphold our end of the bargain. It is our role and that is what each of you are stepping into.
You are learning more about your own self and changing your personality through that process. So as we, as individuals, acquire the knowledge within ourselves to be who we are as we learn to know that we are not within that perfect space, that we need to change. That is why in the lower initiations it can be a very challenging process.
This moon is bringing to us, the inhabitants of earth, a transfer of energy to make the necessary changes to occur. If you don’t have a strong base within yourself of what you desire to occur, that is going to create havoc and bring up many different elements that are ready to be released from the Etheric Body. That is exactly what is happening on the planet within the 3rd dimensional construct. It is breaking apart and as this is occurring, it is transferring these energies into everyone else.

You have to look at what kind of emotions you are having presently.

Are they your emotions or are they emotions of others that you feel considerate of, wanting to be compassionate? But how understanding do you need to be.

You have to understand that you cannot take those energies and bring them into yourself, as you fill them up into your consciousness, because you will become those energies. You will feel the anger, sadness, and that love. It is important to have the realizations within yourself of whom you are in each moment.

I know I have talked about this many times, but with this moon it is very, very apparent.

The throws of the darkness with the light are at a crucial standpoint. It is exactly what is occurring within the presidential election in the United States of America. That is exactly what is happening.

The more that we as an individual, as a soul, an initiate, and an ascended master take hold that frequency of light within ourselves that we know that we can be is going to change everything around us.

It is going to change everything within the psyche, within the spiritual body, within the physical body and that is going to emit out whether you share any words or not.
I refer to Lord Ashtar’s work with the web of the frequency of light around the planet. The more that we increase these light frequencies within ourselves and to pull upon that source of light to be, then that is what is going to come out through us and into the outside world.
So in actuality, this cycle of this moon at this time, is at a very important stand-off of the light and the dark.

Do they blend to become one or do they stand off of each other?

Does the light assist the dark and to bring reflection and illumination to those elements that are within darkness.

Or does the darkness illuminate the lower elements to become more apparent within the light and pull that light back downwards in that depth which represents lack of understanding and isolation.

The choice is yours.

But within these cycles of the moon and sun with the feminine and masculine coming together, it is an important time to allow the integration of those energies to become One within your heart, to become one within all aspects of yourself, within the conditions of your psychological work you are doing so that you can start to understand it.
I think many times individuals look at a lower aspect, a characterization, and become insecure about it, saying “Oh I have this fear and I don’t want to look at it.” That is allowing the darkness of that energy to be the stronger frequency instead of the light saying, “I want to look at this and change it.” This is allowing those two elements coming together instead of one.
We go back to the Law of Oneness for this process. In order to attract what we desire we must uphold our spiritual consciousness that we can bring unto ourselves into any given moment. So the energetics that are happening presently are very powerful for allowing this to happen. Within our planetary formations that are occurring presently, it brings that light frequency to make these changes.
If you are feeling sensitive about the energies in a completely different way than you have before, please know that you are changing through that process. It is transformation which is truly what each of us wants for ourselves, and not just everyone as the whole.
We want to transform who we have been previously. It is a very deep integration of the sun and moon which is occurring presently to allow that grounding of that spiritual essence, to be of that intuitive mind, to be of the feminine divine to come more fully into the masculine divine. There is truly a cosmic union that is happening if everyone allows it to happen for themselves and does not push it away.

Allow those moments of the integration to be one within the self, within the physical mind so it becomes the spiritual mind allowing those essences to blend completely.

So it is a very powerful moon cycle to allow the elements of purging, elements of transformation, to bring forth the divine qualities of magic into one’s life and the more we delve into that depth, as a person, the easier the transformation will be.
What I ask for you through this process is to be more flowing, to let the energy to flow and allow the senses to be very acute, to be a spiritual being within the physical body and not be afraid of it even if the particles that may appear they do not fit.

Allow them to flow within you and through you and become the Alchemist.

So I thank the energies presently in allowing us to come into this space of Cancer, of the heart, of the moon and let the flowing energy to occur more fully. Learning to accept the grounding to occur and to bring forth that moment of understanding within oneself.
Allow these moments of a higher nature and not the lower become your guiding light as so many others are experiencing.
You will be the example of what everyone desires in this world just by Being It.
Many blessings of love,
Aluna, Aluna, Aluna
© 2016 The Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery. by Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara).