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Lord Ashtar, The Galactic Federation via Lynne Rondell

December 21st, a Solar Flare and So Much More Coming in | Lord Ashtar, The Galactic Federation via Lynne Rondell

December 3, 2020

I’m coming back to this beautiful Tuesday with another channeling this one’s going to be from Lord Ashtar along with the galactic federation of light.

So here we go.


Hello beloveds it is I Lord Ashtar along with the galactic federation of light.

We are so pleased to both be coming through this channeler today. We wanted to speak to you today about things that are going on, on your planet.

We wanted to speak to you today about what you’re going through is going to be propelling you forward very quickly and we also wanted to speak to you today about energies that are entering the solar system and that are energies that are within your solar system that are coming in to help you the month of December with actually progressing on your ascension.

We also like to speak about the solar flare and the solar blast December 21st so we can start off speaking about that. We want to tell you that it is not a huge solar flare or solar blast but it is a much larger amount of energy that is going to be coming from the sun and it is going to be coming in or around December 21st as you have a conjunction of planets.

They’re lining up as well to support the energy shift and the energy boost we’re going to say that all of you need to really push you forward in a lot of different ways but this energy boost is going to push a lot of those that are still sleeping. It’s going to awaken them and it’s going to actually open the consciousness of a lot of those of you that need to shift, we’re going to say, out of that third dimensional matrix and paradigm.

This is going to shift your thinking, this is going to shift how you navigate, this is going to be a burst of light which is all that energy is, a very high frequency burst of light that’s going to hit the planet. It’s going to shift your consciousness, each and every one of you and the collective consciousness of humanity is going to shift you upward.

It’s going to expand your consciousness and it’s going to give you that jolt that some of you need to really get on your way with your ascension. Those of you that are listening to this channeler and other channelers and others that are bringing through messages already are awake, you already are conscious, you already are doing the work to really shift yourself on this journey of ascension.

You will have other things that come in for you, for this high frequency vibratory light that’s going to come in, it’s going to do something different for each and every one of you. It’s really to shift the collective of humanity to open their consciousness up and to shift them to a higher dimensional frequency, we’re going to say but really to open them up and shift them out of the third dimensional thoughts and that third dimensional matrix and paradigm that they’ve been playing in for so very long, to expand their consciousness to that of different, to let the light come in for a lot of those that are sleeping and to really help on the road with your ascension.

There is no fear with this blast December 21st or around there, there is no fear that it’s going to be harmful. It is not, it is just to help shift the consciousness of humanity, the entire collective upward. It is to open a lot of people up to the knowing of what is going on as well and it is going to allow some to expand their consciousness, to start the remembrance process as well, maybe where they’ve been in past lives or why they’re down here on this journey ?

This is a really big one. A lot of you are going to be finally realizing why you’re down here, on this planet, at this time because every single one of you did jump in to be of service and to be on this ride to the fifth dimension, a lot of you are light workers, a lot of your starseeds and a lot of your way showers and you are gonna come online to be of service.

There’s a lot of different things that are going to happen with these December energies as they’re going to be quite powerful. Another point that we want to make is you’re going to start to roll forward in knowing more of the truth on your planet as well for you have been told a bunch of mistruths, you have been led down very dark roads for a very long time.

This is going to start coming to an end, this December 21st. The remembrance it is also going to start to push through the truth of what’s been going on on your planet. You’re going to have a lot of disclosures coming in January and coming forward this next year of what’s really been going on. A lot of those who playing been playing some very dark games are going to get not only exposed but they’re going to get realized for who they are and a lot of them are going to be caught and not able to continue their very dark reign.

You are in another level, we’re going to say of things rolling out on the planet so that you can really start to see and believe for yourself what’s really been going on. So it’s going to continue rolling out, December is going to be rocky vibratory ways and energetically because there’s a lot of very strong energies coming down to the planet but it’s going to help all of you to shift upward. There is no need to be afraid, there is no need to think that anything bad is going to happen. It is not, it’s just going to be a lot more energies hitting for your ascension.

There’s also energies coming from beyond your solar system, quite far beyond your solar system as well. They are coming in to help all of you with your remembrance, they’re coming in to help all of you wake up and to realize what’s really going on for there’s so many of the collective that are still asleep.

One of the main things, the collective of light, the high collective of light, galactic star nations and a lot of different councils of light, they’re concerned about the masses waking up and that it needs to be done rather quickly rather than wait years and years and years for they do not see this ascension dragging out lifetimes and lifetimes they see it as a shorter process and they see the second and third waves could be going up very soon as well.

These energies coming in are going to be different for all of you, they’re going to shift all of you upward, they’re going to help all of you to realize your destiny, your journey down here on this planet plane. They’re going to give a lot of you some remembrance, they’re going to start to show you more in the way you feel of who you truly are.

This December has a lot of wonderful energies coming in but there’s going to be a lot of peaks and valleys, you’re going to have ascension symptoms, you’re going to feel out of your body and lightheaded at times when the blasts come in then you may feel very tired and sleepy, you may need to rest a lot and you may not feel like eating much as well.

For the light that’s going to come into your light bodies is going to come in and it’s going to sit there until it can be assimilated but it’s not going to be too much. Some of you are going to take in an extraordinary amount of light you’ve already done a lot of the purging work and you’re well on your way for this ascension, others of you are going to take in a little bit of energy and you work with that.

Everyone’s different here there’s no right, there’s no wrong, it’s not the same journey for each and every one of you has a different journey of how you’re going to experience this ascension as well.

There will be some symptoms this channel will come through with information about that but we’d like to tell you you have a lot of wonderful things that are going to be happening in December it is really going to be one of the biggest shifts in consciousness yet. We’ve been through a couple that were huge. We do see that not all of you but a lot of you have done huge purging and you have really shifted how you think and you’ve really shifted sort of how you look at the external out there and a lot of you are sitting more in your hearts.

This is going to enable you to really center in to that heart chakra and to your heart, this is going to enable you to actually do a vibratory raise, a raise in your frequency that is important as well as that has to go hand in hand with all the other things you’re going through.

December is as we’ve said before a month to remember, it’s going to be a wonderful month of extraordinary changes and shifts. We’re looking forward to bringing through many messages through this channeler. We are right here with you, we are helping you along on your journey. The galactic federation of light and i are both policing.

We are seeing that you are all right, we are taking out of your solar system and off your planet what does not serve you. We still have that ongoing for it will be a while longer. It may get more intense as you start shifting upward as well, as the dark negative ETs don’t want this ascension. They don’t want all of you to have the level of freedom that you really deserve and the level of freedom that you’ve really always had but they’ve hidden from you.

There’s a lot of changes going on. It is all wonderful, it is all good, there’s nothing bad coming December 21st, there’s no blackouts, there’s no three days of darkness, there’s none of that there’s just wonderful energy from the sun and wonderful light pushing through to all of you.

I Lord Ashtar along with the entire galactic federation, we’re sending you such love, sending you such light and blessings.


Thank you Lord Ashtar, thank you galactic federation of light that was an interesting share i guess, that was an interesting channeling to bring through a lot of wonderful things are going to happen this December along with the solar flare it’s very exciting.

I look forward to bringing through many more messages through to all of you, I’m sending you such love, such light and blessings.