Love is our new reality

Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, November 29th, 2020


Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest Karen, child of light –the world is changing in every morning light. Each time the sun shines upon you, it makes the world brand new.

Breathe and allow the newness to settle over you.

Breathe and set your intention, allow the universe to know what you want it to do. Give the energy direction. Each moment malleable, changeable, with your every thought.

Set your intentions every morning.

Create what you want.

You are not victim of any circumstance.

You have the power to create worlds.

Give it a chance. The universe if listening. Tell it what you wish it to grant.

The energy needs direction so it knows where to flow, allow it to flow in the direction of your own creation, not anywhere else.

All of it is amorphic.

Floating through the air.

Allow it to share with you the desires placed there, focus your intention on this cloud of de-light, positive, radiant, iridescent with the potential / the desire / the new world made manifest.

Set you intention in this beautiful glorious iridescent bubble of Creator light and allow it to float in front of you for a while. And as you envision this glorious radiant bubble full of all that you desire, the possibilities emerge fully formed and float toward you to be absorbed into your own radiant field of light, a message from heaven filtered into your crystalline web of light, your own inner matrix of de-light. Allow this to happen. Allow yourself to absorb the magical light of your own Creation. And know with each vision you set, each molecule of energy that you absorb, the miracle has formed. Accept nothing less. Allow your soul to rejoice in happiness.

Just rest.

Allow the magic to occur – the energy sent forth to manifest, floating on bubbles of joy and happiness.

Absorb and rest.

Accept nothing less.

This is the magic of creation, bubbles of laughter floating in on the breeze, sun is shining extending its creative energy.

Rest. Absorb. Allow.

Blessings dear ones – life is easy at last, life is built on these bubbles of happiness.

I Am Your Mother Divine sending you / extending you / introducing you to your own inner magic, the ability to create miracles in your own lives.


In joy, love, light, and blessings – Karen, in union with my higher self

Via Karen Vivenzio, Author

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