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Lord Melchizedek: The Symptoms of Ascension, January 8, 2024

Lord Melchizedek: The Symptoms of Ascension

by Victoria Cochrane

I greet you with love and in the light of the Creator. I have come forth to explain to you the symptoms of ascension, or the raising of your awareness to your own spiritual truth.

As you become more awakened and aware, more light will enter into your energy centers, called chakras. Your third eye will become more knowing and your psychic senses will begin to increase.

Your body will begin to change in its needs, such as being drawn to organic food or repelling the idea of eating meat. Your senses will become more attuned and honed to the sights and sounds around you and you may find yourself living a healthier lifestyle altogether.

You may also find that your body becomes more sensitive to foods or to the environment and that you can no longer eat or use substances that once caused you little concern.

As your chakras receive extra light, they will begin to spin and vibrate at a faster and higher level. This will allow you to think and feel at a higher level also.

You will begin to feel more accepting and less judgemental of others, yourself and your current situation. You will begin to show more compassion towards other humans and to animals. You will find that the acceptance of cruelty to animals or injustices to humans will be intolerable to you.

Your interest in world affairs and injustices will be heightened and you may find that you become drawn to charity work or to helping others without wishing anything in return.

The unpleasant side to raising your energies to a higher vibration are the physical symptoms you may experience.

You may feel lightheaded, have constant headaches or some nausea. You may become irritable or unexplainably tired; your body may ache and your joints may swell; you may feel tremors in all or certain parts of your body.

These symptoms are not permanent nor are they dangerous and they are signs that you are in the process of bringing in your lightbody and joining Mother Earth in her ascension.

There are many blockages a person may encounter on their journey to ascension and enlightenment. Fear is the biggest blocker, as is the immersion in the third dimensional world of ego and drama which can drag a person’s vibration down very quickly.

The more you allow yourself to be dragged down into the depths of drama that is so well-played out in the media as well as by many people who have so far resisted the call to bring in the light of ascension, the harder it will be for the masters to assist you to raise your vibrations.

Blocked chakras can receive no more light until they are cleared. You will know you are blocked in your energy centers if you feel sick, lethargic, tired or out of balance.

If you are grumpy and irritable, judgemental and critical, argumentative and angry, you will be less likely to allow the light of Creator to permeate your being, to raise your vibrations out of the lower levels and to unblock your chakras.

Now more than ever it is essential to be aware of how you are feeling and behaving; if you are blocked in your energy fields you may wish to seek out someone who can help you to unblock them.

As well as beginning the process of bringing in your lightbody, you will also increase your feelings of health and wellbeing while feeling more energised, balanced and at peace within yourself.

I AM Lord Melchizadek.